No Longer Feel My Legs

AO: NLB Beatdown

When: 01/19/2022

QIC: Cookie

PAX (11): Cookie, Ha-ha, MillerTime, Nacho Libre, Pothole, Red Ryder, Scar, Butterbean, Bullet, La Vida, Woodpecker


2nd week being held on NLB campus.  YHC grabbed the Q.  5:30 hit and 4 NLB guys and 7 F3 PAX hit the gloom.


Head across the street for a few laps around the parking lot including an Indian Run.  Then SSH, Windmill, & Imperial Walker.

The Thang:

The rest of the beatdown we did pain station ratio work:

  • Lt Dan – 1:4 ratio of Squat and Lunge
  • Bonnie Burps – 1:4 ratio of Burpee to Bonnie Blairs
  • Captain Thor – 1:4 ratio of Big Boy Situps and American Hammer
  • Donkey Merks – 1:4 ratio of Merkins and Donkey Kicks
  • Jack Webb – 1:4 ratio of Merkins to Air Press


Prayers for those men in our community who need something like F3 in their lives.  100% coffeeteria attendance in cafeteria after the beatdown.  Great way to connect further with the guys.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Honored to lead.



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