Voluntold Beatdown

AO: Rubicon

When: 01/18/2022

QIC: All the PAX

PAX (7): False Start, Special K, Stiff Arm, TO, lumbergh, Locksmith, Red Rider


Rather than begging for someone to pick up the Q I just threw out a call for HC’s and that we could figure out something in the morning. 7 took that call or showed up unknowingly because they refuse to install slack.

1 prerunner with an Academy flyby. Would they best our numbers again?


I took off with the warmup including some karoke/carioci/side running. Circle up for SSH, IW, WP, and arm circles. During arm circles I assigned out some Q tasks.

Stiff Arm would be on arms this morning
Special K will work our legs
At any time during the BD False Start can call for some burpees. He can also not call for any if he wants. Ill go ahead and say he was very responsible with this power.
Then we will see where we stand.

The Thang:

Stiff Arm brought us to the rock pile for 21s. (2 burpees by FS before we even get there)

7 low curls/7 high curls/7 full curls/21 presses/21 troiceps extensions mate (skull crushers)

Repeat 3 times. A few more scattered burpees

Special K brought us to the grandstand planters for legs

Round 1: 10 steps ups/10 box jumps/10 dips
Round 2: 15 step ups/15 box jumps/15 derkins
Round 3: 20 step ups/20 squats/20 box jumps

Plenty of time left so TO gets the torch. Off to the FOD
Round of Mucho Chesto around the bases. Bear Walk and Lunge walk in between. Plus the occasional burpee.

Static Core by Red Rider.
“60 seconds” of left/right/low plank and 6 inch heels.

Mosey around the field with burpees at the outfield signs according to the numbers seen (2/0/5)

Indian Run back to the flag closing out with some Tasmanian Devils from False Start, LBCs, and not to be forgotten in his return, some Hammers by Locksmith


Prayers for NLB guys and supporting the AO 0530 on Wednesdays on campus. Great turnout last Saturday.

Great job by all our Qs this morning thinking on their feet when being told to take the lead.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead and make others lead.

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