Caffey’s Rectangle

AO: Academy

When: 01/18/2022

QIC: Devito

PAX (5): Caffey, Cookie, Devito, Hollywood, HotSauce


At 0515 sharp we took off and ran over toward Alpharetta town center to warm up the blood.

The Thang:

We crossed Hwy 9 onto Academy St and stopped at some ice covered benches for a round of 25 dips. We moved on and gathered at the top corner of Brooke Street Park. Thang of the day was repeating rounds of BOMBS. Stop at each of the 3 corners on the circuit around the park for a full round of BOMBS. 15 reps each exercise on the first full circuit, 10 reps each on the 2nd circuit and 5 reps on the 3rd circuit. YHC described the circuit as a triangle in the instructions. After circuit 1, Caffey was confused on why I said triangle when we were actually running a rectangle. This sparked a full debate on who knows their elementary geometry better … until Caffey tried counting off the 4 corners of his rectangle and realized one was “missing”.
After a good laugh and completing the circuits, we ran a over to the town green for some bear crawls, crab walks and sprints, followed by another 25 dips on the benches. Then onward to the parking deck back near Academy. We ran up with 5 Alpha Bonnie Blairs at each corner. Then down with 10 diamond mercans. Back up with 15 LBC’s and down with 20 SSH. Time was drawing short so we headed out and ran around the front of the school and up to the track entrance for all you got left around the track to the flag. Caffey and Hot Sauce battled it out to win the final sprint. Some dying cockroaches and flutter kicks closed us out.


Prayers for RedRider and his mom, as well as for encouragement for the guys over at NLB.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Had fun the AM. Was good to get out there with a good group and push each other. I appreciate all y’all.

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