Winter Wonderland at the Boneyard

AO: Boneyard

When: 01/17/2022

QIC: Stroller

PAX (4): Feathers, Speedo, Stroller, Zohan


YHC optimistically posted at 1:25 yesterday that the BD was on and he expected everything to be clear. Then…nothing. Not even anyone to tell the Q this was a bad idea. Expected to be alone, but an early morning text from Speedo let me know that there would be at least two today. Zohan rolled up right after YHC and Feathers came in at about 0529. PAX were very confused by YHC’s weight vest and insistence that we only needed one cinder for the group. Nevertheless, off we went…


Parking lot is a little slick so brisk walk, cinder in tow, to the field…which is covered in snow. Change of plan- off to the pavilion.

  • SSH x 15
  • Weedpicker x 10
  • Hillbilly x 12
  • SSH x 15 (YHC was still very cold at this point)

The Thang:

Thang 1: BOMBS(A)

PAX will complete the BOMBS (Burpee, Overhead Clap, Mercan, Big Boy Situp, Squat) sequence. AMRAP while one PAX cusacks with the cinder down the tunnel and back. We needed another letter to give everyone two rounds of cusack, so added American Hammers. We did 3 rounds of this

Thang 2: Derkins/Dips


Thang 3: Lt. Dan

Look, you’re not getting through a Stroller Q without exercises done in a 1:4 ratio. We went up to 7:28, then moved to…

Thang 4: Donkey Kick/Hold

Straight from the Speedo playbook. 5 Donkey Kicks, keep your feet up on the last one until Q’s call. Then 10, 15, and back down.

We turned our attention back to our legs by finishing Lt. Dan

Thang 5: Mary/Blockees

One PAX will call a Mary exercise, then complete 5 Blockees while the other PAX perform the exercise. We did the Dolly, Pickle Pounder, Annies, and Dying Cockroach.

Back to the wall for 5-10-15 of Donkey Kicks.

Brisk walk back to the flag, then time for a short round of American Hammers.


  • Prayers for Red Ryder and family
  • Prayers for Speedo’s friend, whose elderly mother took a fall this weekend
  • Prayers for continued progress in Feathers’ efforts to move his mom’s remains to Ireland
  • Prayers for the Stuhltrager family with Bill’s funeral Mass today

100% retention for coffeeteria at Brookyln Bagel

Naked-Man Moleskin:

YHC had 3 different plans for today depending on how many PAX showed up, but ended up using none of them. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to be able to rely on experience to get you through. Today does remind me that when leading, we should never be so stuck to our plan that we neglect inspiration from something around us, like a wall that is just waiting to be used as part of the beatdown.

Grateful that these guys were able to safely navigate to the beatdown for some fun in the cold!

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