BA Fitness Test

AO: Badapple

When: 01/14/2022

QIC: Sprocket

PAX (7): goat, Rusty, Snax, TheBurn, Turbine, Zima


First Q of New Year: time to find out where the general fitness level of the Bad Apple PAX is like.


karaoke running drill: left side 1/2 way around lot, right side 1/2 way around lot (oyo), SSH’s (IC) 15X, Twerkins (oyo), windmills (IC) 10X.

The Thang:

With Night Ranger tracks requested by Rusty because he’s [not really] a fan, test “booklets” and pencils were distributed to PAX and the following tests were administered by QIC:

  1. Burpees for 1 minute – perform maximum number of reps in 1 minute.
  2. Shuttle run – Carry coupon 100 yards as quickly as possible, leave coupon, sprint back to start, then, sprint 100 yards back to retrieve coupon, finally carrying coupon back to starting point (400 yards total) for time.
  3. Coupon Squats– perform maximum full range of motion squats while holding coupon for 1 minute.
  4. Standing Power Throw – explosively throw a 20lb medicine ball over your shoulder for distance.
  5. Hand release ‘Merkins – perform maximum reps of hand release merkins. Body must remain straight throughout the exercise. Resting allowed only in the up position.
  6. Pull or Chin Ups – perform full range of motion pull or chin ups (individual’s choice) until failure. Count stops when no longer hanging from bar.
  7. 1 mile run for time.

*pencils down*

full results won’t be published, but, averages for the group on each event will be posted after each PAX has had a chance to submit his scores/times via a Google Form.


Thoughts and prayers went out to all our brothers and their families battling COVID and other illnesses as well as the power to improve ourselves in the various roles we have with our families, work and where we live.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always interesting to look at some numbers on certain exercises we do on a regular basis.  This assessment was/is meant to be a “you vs. you” challenge as well as give everyone an idea what needs improvement.  The plan is to re-take the test in 6 month’s time to see how each of us is progressing in the area of fitness.  Have a Q coming up? choose an area where you know you need improvement and make it a feature of the workout.  Always an honor to lead such a solid group of men.  Sprocket out.

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