Watch your language

AO: AlphaRuck

When: 01/14/2022

QIC: Zohan

PAX (2): Speedo, Zohan

The Thang:

Loosely following the Socrates, we agreed that leadership can make a revolution but by itself leadership principles evolve, building on past experience and changing to match the needs of the present.

We talked about the role language plays in organizations in general and leadership specifically. If we had to keep explaining what’s a Dora or what’s 11 every time we Q we would be spending a lot of talking. Having pax understand what those terms mean save time and align everyone on the mission. Surgents and other medical stuff at the operating room also have a language of their own so they won’t waste time while a patient is bleeding on the table. Language must match the mission.

We talked about Goo Nation and how an exaggerated pursuit of happiness can prevent us from pushing each other to do better. Being shamed for not posting after giving HC doesn’t make one feel happy, but is required of we want to accelerate. We need our friends to let us know when we are going off the track we ourselves said we want to follow.

Love is what differentiates enforcing a standard and bullying.

Using and building the right language is crucial to leadership.

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