Flying EH at the Hoppylike

AO: Hoppylike

When: 01/14/2022

QIC: Stroller

PAX (12): Animal, Caffey, Devito, Ha-ha, HotSauce, Log Cabin, lumbergh, Mayhem, Nacho Libre, Saint2O, Stroller, Rolex


Been a while since we’ve seen double digits at the Hoppylike. A couple callouts, plus the return of Ha-ha, and we set out with 11 this morning. But we would finish with 12…

The Thang:

As we were headed up Westside, Caffey and Q looked to the front and saw a guy in sweatpants kind of running with Nacho and Mayhem. Sweatpants continued with them into Avalon, then stopped in front of the Rolex store. Caffey asked him to come finish with us, and he did. Welcome, Rolex!


Safe travels for Nacho, HotSauce, and team to south GA

Safe travels for Animal this weekend

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