Spiderman vs. Mike Tyson

AO: The Hooch

When: 01/10/2022

QIC: BallBoy

PAX (12): Angus, BallBoy, Birdie, Boomer, Doughboy, Flo, Maguire, Meatball, Motorboat, Ready-Mix (F3), Splinter, Sunshine


YHC thought I was going it alone for the pre-run this morning but Colonel Angus was up later than my old butt and was a late HC.  Not realizing this I drug in a minute late and we got going a few minutes late.  We had a relaxed pace and good convo going when we rounded the last corner to see about 10 PAX running our way.  Looked down at the watch and sure enough it was 5:30! I cut them off and made them follow me back to my car long enough to drop off the running gear but I’m pretty sure it was Boomer who was trying to hijack my Q 🙂  My bad fellas, now off we go…


Some SSH, Toy Soldiers and Imperial Walkers at the starting point, then a mozy over to the bakery for some Windmills, Weedpickers and Copperhead Squats.

The Thang:

Another mozy over to Homer’s Donut where the PAX enjoyed the standard Bear Crawl lap.  Next they enjoyed (I think) a Lung Walk lap.  We then split it up with a half lap of Spiderman Mercan crawls and a half lap Broad Jumps.  YHC felt this was less enjoyable based on verbal queues.

A jaunt over to the adjacent parking lot for the REAL thang.

Starting at one curb, 5 Mike Tysons
Run toward far curb, 5 Burpees at the halfway point
At far curb, 10 Squat Jumps
Run back toward start, 5 Burpees at halfway point
First 2 PAX to finish get to move over to the next Aisle where on subsequent rounds they would drop the Burpees but double the other reps (congratulations!)

Repeat the above races until the final 2 winners are crowned and then all PAX completed one more round of no Burpees, double reps.

We then mozeyed back toward the bakery, lunge walking as per normal across that section, then lined up at the end of the large parking lot.

Some Paula Abdul was next… Run 2 parking lanes forward, Bernie 1 lane back. 2 Burpees and repeat until reaching the concrete island.  Disclaimer given, “If you are not making progress, you’re not doing it right”.

Back at the start, we tried a modification of a new one from the Exicon, the Steinl:
Plank position for 15 seconds
Low Plank for 15 seconds
5 Mercans
5 Right/Center/Left ‘Peter Parkers’ with Right Leg
5 Mercans
Repeat above using Left Leg this time around

Ended right on time and smiles abounded!


Lifted up several folks struggling with COVID and praise for Meatball getting his wind back from his bout with it.  Announcement of the February Climb Kili Challenge with Doughboy as the Weasel Shaker for F3Alpha participation.  More info to come so check Slack.

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