What Do Farmers Carry?

AO: Norseman

When: 01/06/2022

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (6): Beaker, Callahan, Ha-ha, HotSauce, Nacho Libre, Switch


Late afternoon on Wednesday and no Q. And it has been real quiet on the ole Norseman channel. So I stepped up to take the men out on Thursday morning.


  • Temp 37
  • Wind light
  • Skys Clear

Nice morning for a workout.



With the pre-runners back and the troops gathered at the non-existant flag (get better Dr. Rico!) disclaimer given and we are off for the St. Francis parking lot:

  • SSH
  • Weed Pickers
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Arm Circles


The Thang:

A quick cut through the woods with the containers housing the St. Francis scolarship athletes (or so the story goes) to pick up a cinder for the morning. The cinder pile seems to be growing smaller. How dare St. Francis use thier cinders for fixing things around campus!

On the track for

Round 1 Farm’s Carry

Pair up, partner 1 takes both partner’s cinders, farmer’s carry style, around the track, partner 2 drops for 15 merkins and runs to catch up with partner 1. Flapjack and continue until the cinders make a lap around the track.

Round 2

Partner 1 runs left turns on the track and partner 2 does 15 overhead press with a cinder then carries that cinder right turns to meet partner 1 coming from the opposite direction. Flapjack and contine till the cinder make a lap.

Round 3

Same as 2 but with curls

Round 4

Same as Round 1 (Farmer’s Carries around track)

Round 5

Same as Round 2 but with Skull Crushers

Round 6

Relay Farmer’s Carries

Break into 3 man teams. One PAX each team goes to the far end of the 100 yard straight. PAX 1 carries two cinders as fast as possible to the opposite end, PAX two returns them to the start where PAX 3 takes them to the finish at the far end. Team Beaker/Ha-ha/Hot Sauce DESTROYED…, uh, I mean won the contest.

Return the cinders and mosey back to the non-existent flag.


Prayers for those sick and recovering

Scortch Trials tomorrow


Naked-Man Moleskin:

As has been said before:


Never without a Q.

From Jocko’s book “Extreme Ownership”: What do you do if your leader is ineffective? You lead. If your leader refuses to step up and lead? You lead. We are never without a leader. Sometime the leader is ourselves.

What do you do with no Q? You Q.

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