Mayhem’s Birthday Spectacular

AO: Academy

When: 01/04/2022

QIC: Mayhem

PAX (6): Devito, Miller Time, Turbine, Stroller, No See Um


The Christmas feasting, not to mention birthday pizza and cookies yesterday, has left YHC a little more full bodied than when the holidays began.  With Hillseeker looming, its time to buckle down.  The less of me I have to drag up Tower Rd, the better. While it’s you can’t out king your queen, 6 PAX gave it their best effort today.



The Thang:

Quick mosey over to City Hall for 39 Birthday merkins, then down to the garden for three rounds of Killer Bs.  Shortly after, Turbine showed up.  Coincidence?  I have a sneaky suspension he was quietly chuckling to himself from the top of the stairs as we trudged up and down the lawn.

Next we set up shop in front of the gazebo in the park.  As one Pax would run around the small loop, the other men completed various exercises.  Round one was the plank.  Round two continued the focus on core, and gave each Pax having a turn to call their favorite exercise.  Next came a round of Merkins, any style you wanted. While I specifically said to speed up at this point, I guess Devito misheard me, because I’m pretty sure he slowed down. The last set was legs. Always good to have an exercise in the middle where others get an opportunity to lead, gives you a good of how the group is holding up.  And let me tell you, this crew was not calling Windmills and Weed-pickers.  When Stroller called for Bonnie Blairs, you knew you were at the Academy.

After we moseyed back to home base, YHC had the crew line up in the parking lot, run to the first parking divider, complete 2 star jumps, then back for two Alligator Merkins. Next round we went to the second divider, 4 Star Jumps, then back for 4 more A. Merkins.  Continued to build until we hit the 5th divider.

Finally, we headed to the rock pile for a round of Dora.  PAX 1 ran to the lawn shed, while PAX 2 started our Dora of 100 Thrusters, 200 Skull Crushers, 300 Curls.  Finished with about a minute to spare, headed around the track, back to the flag.


-Prayers for all the teachers, students, and families during virtual learning this week.  As we all experienced last year, this isn’t easy on anyone, so make it a point to give some grace.

-TAP of strength and healing for Vanellope and his family as he battles cancer.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Go find a sad clown you know and invite them to a workout.  I’m saying this as much to myself as to anyone reading this.  If you feel like your buddy is filling their cup with stuff that’s not allowing them to Accelerate, giving them a more positive outlet like F3 may be all they need to get out of a rut.

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