AO: Gladiator

When: 01/04/2022


PAX (16): Bo Knows, Cheneral, defcon2, DREAMER, Feathers, Fire Drill, Hitchcock, Ironhead, Laces, Moonshine, RaspberryPi, Spandex, Speedo, Tar Heel, Tebow, Brownie


Classic. Simple. “You know the drill, no FNGs, let’s mosey”


  • Mosey to the main field and circle up
  • Weed Pickers, Side Straddle Hop, World’s Greatest Stretch

The Thang:

1: Field

  • On the baseline. Partner Up
  • 1 person does Merkins; Partner mosey the 18 Box. Flapjack.
  • 20 Mtn climbers+20 Monkey Humpers / Bernie the box.
  • 20 squats+20 Imperial Walkers / Mosey the box
  • 10 Recovery Burpees + a Mosey the length of the field and back

2. Lt. Dan to the Shelter – 1 squat & 4 lunges, 2 squat & 8 lunges

  • About halfway, Q called for a 1 squat, 4 merkins, 5 regular steps
  • At the stop sign we moseyed to the shelter

3. Shelter

  • Partner Up
  • Dips / Run
  • Burpees / Run
  • Step Ups / Run
  • Bear Craw / Run

4. Jack Webb

  • PAX did a Jack Webb after all were finished w/ the Bear Crawls
  • Mosey back to the main field

5. Main Field

  • Bear crawl to the 18 box, Mosey to the mid line, Bernie from the mid – far end – back to the mid, then Mosey to the 18 box, bear crawl to the end
  • Back to the flag for 5 minutes of Mary


  • Spandex: father Vern. Age 90. Aging. Prayers for peace of mind.
  • Feathers: Praise he and his family will finally get to spread his mom’s ashes in Ireland. April.
  • Colorado fires
  • Hitchcock: 2 therapist with COVID19. Prayers for recovery / healing.
  • DC2: COVID19 over Christmas. Recovered well!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

My Dudes –

I was worn out this morning. If I didn’t have the Q I would have been tempted to fart sack BUT thankfully, I knew the PAX was waiting. Grateful for each of you and I pray for you often. You’re impacting more lives than you realize.



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