A Vitamen B(eatdown) to Prevent Hangovers’s – GOODBYE 2021!021)

AO: Boneyard

When: 12/31/2021

QIC: Dinghy

PAX (5): Animal, Speedo, Tenderfoot, Brownie


It’s New Year’s Eve, and it’s time to celebrate!  While girding our loins for the coming of another year, it’s also worth cleansing out the old one.  Part of that cleanse, as well as the best way to prevent an ensuing hangover from tonight’s festivities, is taking a good strong dose of  Vitamen B(eatdown). This is one of those years where a good cleanse is needed, and YHC had the prescription.


10 Weedpickers

10 Windmills

10 Hillbillies

10 Moroccan Night Clubs

10 SSH’s

Mosey around the back side of the ampitheatre to the Field of Pain, lights set at each corner of the field.

The Thang:

Simple but not easy was the key theme of the day.

PAX conducted a 4 corners up/down ladder with the following rep structure:


At each corner, PAX performed the following exercises (all B elements of  the Vitamen Beatdown cleanse):

Burpees, Bonnie Blairs, Big Boy Situps, Bobby Hurleys

At the end lines, PAX bear crawled to the midpoint (lacrosse goal), run to the corner. For the sidelines, Bernie Sanders to the next corner (more Vitamen B doses).

PAX enjoyed their vitamens so much that mumble chatter was at a minimum. Kudos to all for bringing the 6 in. Once the ladder/4 corners was completed, circled up for hand release Merkins, holding a Supermen at bottom – all done to the tune “Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down”.

Completed Vitamen Beatdown cleanse with 21 Pickle Pointers to close out 2021.



We held up the following prayers for our Brothers:

  1. Prayers for Speedo’s brother and Tenderfoot’s friends in Colorado, as well as all of the rest of the folks who are dealing with the wildfire’s. May their houses be protected, and if they have experienced loss, may they be able to rebuild their homes and their lives.
  2. Prayers for Cheneral and his wife, may they be cured from Covid as quickly as possible and may his wife be able to have a successful surgery afterwards.
  3. Prayers for safety for everyone’s celebrations, travel mercies for those on the road, and a safe and prosperous new year for all!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thank you all again for the privilege of leading. YHC has learned some valuable lessons over the last year, particularly lessons in simplicity, clarity, and flexibility. The principles aren’t just important when leading an early morning beatdown, but also in ever day life. Our muscles get better with proper training, and that also includes leadership muscles – YHC strenuously recommends getting on the Q sheet and get after it! It’s a great way to build those physical and leadership muscles in a (relatively) safe environment.

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