Working off the Pecan Pie….

AO: The Wreck

When: 12/27/2021

QIC: Blue

PAX (5): aflac, Matt Shields-Norm, Switch, Switch, Switch, Offshore


Despite a halfhearted lobby for a late start, five lonely PAX  greeted the gloom at the regular time of 5:30.  We warmly welcomed DR visiting from Charlotte: @Offshore

Disclaimer issued


Mosey to upper Parking lot

15 SSH

10 Cotton Pickers

15 Toy soldiers

15 IW

Mosey to hill in front of softball field

The Thang:

two teams of 2
PAX #1 jumps rope at top of hill
PAX#2 runs to bottom, navigates the ladder, returns to top of hill,
PAX #1 switches places with PAX#2
Rinse and repeat
Ladder work was: Icky Shuffle, Switch Kicks, and last: Speed Skaters
mosey back to Parking Lot
Burpee Quiz: F3 Mission
Start at 1, and add a burpee any time a PAX couldn’t recite the F3 Mission statement.
By the time we reached, 8 burpees,  all PAX could  recite the F3 Mission from memory….well done!
Mosey to flag
Mustard slams
Little Circles
American Hammers
a few laps around the parking lot in between
finished with another F3 Mission quiz, which all PAX passed (eventually).


YHC suggested the lack of civility in public discourse was perhaps a lack of male leadership. YHC noticed he was beginning to enjoy the “outrage culture” of Twitter, and will be ending this practice in the New Year.

Onsite Coffeteria commenced, and was joined by the one-and-only beloved Moonbeam!

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