Perfect weather for a Christmas beatdown

AO: Widowmaker

When: 12/25/2021


PAX (5): Zohan, Stu, Cox, Wheels


In case there were Pax with no plans, the weather was perfect for a Christmas morning gathering. Great way to work off the nog, cookies or Chinese food.


Short mosey around the parking lot for SSH, weed pickers, copperhead squats and arm circles, with a few covids to complete the warm-up.

The Thang:

Two main components to the beatdown – upper body work led by NRA and core work led by Zohan.

To start, pax moseyed to the coupon pile near the pond to grab an appropriate piece of equipment. Short jog to the pond for 11s featuring wonderbras and curls, keeping the coupon with you on the run between the two points.

After re-depositing the coupons, pax moseyed up to the pavilion. We’ve all heard of lions, tigers and bears…this morning it was derkins, drydocks and dips. Sets of 20 each, then 10, then 5…with a lunge walk to the sidewalk and run back between completed sets of the exercises.

It was then time to Zohan to take over. Core work kicked-off with a set of Not So Lazy Boys, a new exercise for the Widowmaker as Zohan dug deep into the Exicon. It then continued with 300 LBCs in honor of Zohan’s 300th workout this year. After each set of 50, pax ran a loop to the concession stand and back.

Though there were more tricks up his sleeve, the hour was up and pax returned to the flag…feeling great, but no sign of Santa at the Widowmaker.


Prayers for good health and safe travels as everyone celebrates the holidays this week.

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