Windjammer Christmas Vacation

AO: Windjammer

When: 12/24/2021

QIC: Townie

PAX (12): Andrew Bell, Cookie, Cox, Ha-ha, lumbergh, Stroller, Stu, Surely, Townie, uga, 2.0 Wheelz, DR Knowzit


Mosey to the dam


Weed picker 

Mountain Man Poopers (led by Ha-Ha)

Arm Circles


The Thang:

Mosey back to parking lot.  Count off 1’s and 2’s.  1’s grab coupons, 2’s airchair in a circle while Q turns on Christmas Vacation themed playlist. 


Bench presses w Coupon


Tony Hawk Burpees (burpee with a 360 jump)

High knees

American Hammers

Nolan Ryan’s (Plank while alternate punching robin ventura in a headlock)

Yoke Walk (PAX carry coupon over head in circle while other group runs)


Girls for the Curls with Coupon 

Reverse crunches

Imperial walkers

Stand-ups (lie on curb with feet in parking lot)

Wide Arm Mercans (Werkins)

Overhead Presses w Coupon (missed due to time)

Lunges (missed due to time)

Dying cockroaches (missed due to time)


Replace Coupons


Mosey back to The WindDAMmer for some Sunrise Mary ‘round the horn 


Mosey back to parking lot for a brief DB shuttle drill…then time!


Prayers up for this group of fine men for showing out on Christmas Eve

Special prayers for the Roper family in Roswell after the tragic loss of their Son.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Stu had a nice follow-up to the last TNT about gratitude, then we all made fun of FLLLLLLLorida Gators.  There may have been some Baileys to go with Cookie’s coffee

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