Save the neck for me, Clark

AO: The Wreck

When: 12/24/2021

QIC: aflac

PAX (16): Bear, Blue, Catheter, Echo, gmonkey, goat, Matt Shields-Norm, Sell-out, Sprocket, Squeegee, Swamp Donkey, Tubbs, Yankee, Gaga (DR), Serta (FNG)


These Christmas Eve BD’s are always hilarious, and this year’s version didn’t disappoint.  Right off the top, YHC will completely own the fact that he was on auto-pilot this morning, rising to a 0500 alarm for some early setup at the field.  It wasn’t until he was nearly at the park that it dawned on him that PAX agreed to a 0700 start.  As someone famous once said, “you gotta be shitting me, Pyle.”

As a bookend to that self-own, PAX participated in a rather memorable white elephant gift exchange, the details of which are probably better left unsaid.  Let’s just say that Yankee and Echo will be having one helluva Christmas Eve, the likes of which the rest of us can only dream of.


Slow mosey up the main road with some good pre-Christmas chatter amongst the PAX.  Q directed all to circle up around the Christmas tree on the field for the following warm-ups:

  • SSH’s
  • Weed Picker’s
  • Hillbilly’s

The Thang:

Q directed PAX to take a hot lap while he prepped the main event.  Once returned, each PAX would select a “gift” under the tree and perform the exercise shown.  Sampling of some exercises included:

  • Polar Bear-Crawl
  • Reindeer Kicks
  • Merkin Wreath of Fire
  • Elf Humpers
  • Apollo Ono’s
  • Snow Mountains
  • Jumpin’ Jack Frost Jump Squats

Q did include a couple of “special gifts” in the mix, the largest of which was selected by Echo.  Ahh, the gift of Festivus:

  • Start on the goal-line.
  • Run to the 25, perform 7 Burpees.
  • Run to the 50, perform 25 Merkins.
  • Run to the opposite 25, perform 7 Burpees.
  • Run to the opposite goal-line, perform 25 BBS’s.
  • Rinse/repeat the above 4 times

PAX decided amongst themselves that 3 round was enough, so back to the tree for a few more gift selections before heading back to the flag for a quick round of Mary (dying cockroach) before time was called.


  • Prayers for the Roper family grieving the loss of their son Robbie.
  • Prayers for various PAX dealing with COVID.
  • Continued prayers for Wide Right.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Very thankful for the fellowship of F3 and this group of PAX.  Great to see representation from our Bad Apple brethren.  Merry Christmas!

AFLAC out.

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