Roll of the dice and a perfect sunrise…

AO: Windjammer

When: 12/22/2021


PAX (19): Townie, Cooke, McAfee, Stu, No See Um, Miller Time, Cart Path, Zohan, Ha Ha, False Start, Dr. Rico, Wheels, Cox, Uga, Surely, Guiness, Magnolia (FNG), and Nature Boy (FNG)


A large gathering for the holiday week, including multiple 2.0s. Maybe there’s something to a 0630 start time? Could this be a key to participation?


After a short mosey to the dam, warm-up included SSH, copperhead squats, weed pickers, arm circles and some covids.

The Thang:

After a short mosey to the sports park, the first half of the workout was left to chance…and the roll of a $3 exercise die (thank you, Five Below). Many pax got the opportunity to roll and set the course of the beatdown. Additionally, unhappy pax cannot blame the Q with this method.  Mountain climbers and merkins came up frequently (loaded die?), with some Bonnie Blairs, jump squats and a sprint up the hill mixed in.

The second half of the beat down was a 50-100-150 Dora with Annies, dying cockroaches and squats with a jog around the track for the partner.

As the sun was beginning to appear over the lake, pax sprinted up a slightly muddy hill to return to the dam for a couple minutes of core work…and a few nicely timed photos.


Prayers for the Roswell High football player who suffered complications during surgery and is currently in the ICU. Also, prayers for health and safety for everyone traveling and celebrating the holidays.

Blood drive is next Thursday, 12/30 and could use more sign-ups. Information is posted on Slack.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

A pleasure to lead this morning and special props to the 2.0s who joined while on break and brought some extra energy and enthusiasm. Also, great drone footage from Cox on the Slack channel.

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