Rocking Around the Rubicon Tree

AO: Rubicon

When: 12/21/2021

QIC: Cart Path

PAX (9): Cookie, DIY, Lefty, lumbergh, Morphine, Red Ryder, Special K, Guinness


Karaokes / Butt Kickers / High Knees

Indian run around parking lot

SSH/ Imperial Walkers / Weed Pickers

then went to pick up our presents/ “Coupons”  from the rock pile, then moseyed to Field of Dreams



The Thang:

Presents in hand PAX gathered around mound to put presents under the lit Xmas tree to celebrate, however all was not perfect, something was missing. The tree had lights,presents, music but no sweat. So we took action.

Lap around infield to start.


21- Curls

21- Lion Kings

12- Big Boys with present

12- Burpees 12

12- Big Boys with present

21- Lion Kings

21- Curls



Up and Down the list until tree was adequately decorated.

With 10 minutes left we  stopped to open presents.

Box Cutters to open our gifts which turned out to be a regifted putter from thursday.

Spent last minutes playing Putt-Putt around the coupons now obstacles.

(Toss frisbee/hole  Someone putts golf ball towards hole, PAX bear crawl to next shot until ball makes it into hole/ hits frisbee. PAX who makes final shot calls out exercise and reps is determined by number of strokes taken on hole x 10 )


30 Cruncy Frogs

40 American Hammers (alpha)

HOLE IN ONE (cookie) 10 Burpees

40 Mercans

DNF last hole due to Time

Our presents sucked so we returned them to the rock pile and moseyed to flag with lit tree in tow.





Unspoken Prayers

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Blood Drive coming up, Sign UP

Coffeteria at Dunkin with Norseman and Academy.

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