Return of Twisted Surprise?

AO: Academy

When: 12/21/2021

QIC: Stroller

PAX (6): Caffey, Devito, Hollywood, Mayhem, Stroller, Turbine


Another chance to lead at the Alpha’s toughest AO. I was glad to step up a week early after No-see-um had to go on Covid reserve. 6 intrepid Academics showed up in the cold



The Thang:

Our first destination was the Rubicon playground. Not the wooden one, the other one.

3 rounds of 20 squats, 15 mercans, 10 burpees, 5 pull-ups

Continue on to the hill. There’s a driveway that seems near the top…so stop there and begin to crawl bear to the top. After an interminable crawl and with a ways to go, modify to lunges the rest of the way.

Continue across Hwy 9 to Hembree. Stop in the parking lot on the corner for 21-15-9 Crunchy Frogs and Flutter Kicks. 10 burpees just for fun.

Down Hembree to Maxwell (unfortunately we did not make it to Verizon today). In the first lot, grab some curb for 20 Mike Tysons and 20 Jump Squats. Repeato. Head up Maxwell. With a final routine I wanted to get to, long mosey all the way back to the AO, take the far entrance close to the track.

Grab a coupon for some SANTAs

5 Star Jumps

10 Angry Elfs (Smurf Jacks)

15 (North) Carolina Dry Docks

20 Thrusters

25 American Hammers

Run a lap after. With time running short, we did the exercises twice then did a 200m AYG back to the flag after the second round. Time for some Mary- Dying Cockroach, Gas Pumpers, Diamonds, and Shoulder Taps. Fin.


Praise for answers for Mayhem from the dermatologist

More praise for a successful Santa Ruck and chances to help other regions launch similar

Blood drive December 30

Hoppylike-Nirvana daily double opportunity on Friday

Naked-Man Moleskin:

May have been a bit light on exercises today, but it felt like a good mix of a tough run and good routines. Like Devito mentioned, it was almost like an old-fashioned twisted surprise. The only true surprise was that we didn’t make it to Verizon Hill


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