Merkin madness catch up and a full super route 21 trip

AO: Starting Line

When: 12/18/2021

QIC: 1790crew7

PAX (7): LifeLøck, Lightweight, Murdock, Script Kiddie, Sirmixalot, Suarez, Zuckerberg


Hold up, we are in December and gear for the day is shorts and Tshirt, what crazy Georgia weather is this, not sure but thank you SkyQ for a great, but slightly wet/foggy morning to enjoy the gloom.

My plans for the morning were set so, with the December merkin madness in full swing(100 merkins and/or burpees a day) and some chatter about PAX being a bit behind on the challenge, I decided to do the very selfless thing of helping them get caught up, <insert evil laugh>.

It was a great day for the first official full super route 21 trip to occur at Starting line, I had done the shortcut version, but with a comment from Suarez, the last time I used the shortcut version of super route 21, on how we could take the long way home, I was hatching a plan.

PAX started rolling in for the pre-ruck, and by the time it was 615 the count was 6, I really enjoy the pre-rucks since it gives us a chance to warm up and catch up before the BD begins, great mumblechatter was heard.  When we got back Suarez was there ready to go, and with that it was time to mosey

Let the Christmas music sound track begin



Disclaimer given
Stopped near the racing hall of fame/town hall for the warm up

15 SSHs
15 Hillbillies
15 wind mills
15 Copperhead squats

Mosey to the light post closest to the road, near the junior high.

The Thang:

Super route 21
Start at light post at the top of the hill furthest from the Racing hall of fame
1 BBSU, 1 Squat, 1 merkin
Moseyed to next light post
2 BBSUs, 2 Squats, 2 merkins
Moseyed to next light post increasing count by 1 till we  g0t to 7
Then mosey to the midpoint of the route and stop for 10 Rocking horses
Back to the beginning and complete 8-14 merkins, squats, BBSUs then  moseyed  between each light post
Then back to the mid point and 10 BDE burpees
15-21 BBSU, Squats, merkins
moseyed  between each light post
Then back to the mid point and 10 Wolverines.
During the trip lifelock was helping us keep track of time showing how much he truly enjoyed the trip, at one point the suggestion was made to change his F3 nickname to Chronos, keeper of time.
Also with the recent rain it was a bit wet, which dialed everyone’s enjoyment meter up to 11
Super Route 21 By the numbers
231 Merkins, 231 squats 231 BBSUs
10 Rocking Horses
10 BDE burpees
10 Wolverines
All the PAX did a great job and much to SKs excitement there was still time for Thang2

We moseyed to the regular rally point and the plans for Thang2 was explained

It was escalator time
Everyone lined up and we then started
First up was SK, and we did 3 burpees
Took a long lap
Second was Lightwieght he called leg raises, but he would call out the amount of time the PAX would hold the legs up so
3 Burpees, 6 leg raises, called by light weight
This time we took a short lap
Suarez called mountain climbers so
3 Burpees, 6 leg raises, called by light weight, 9 mountain climbers (Alpha count)
Time was almost up but Zuckerber really wanted to call an exercise and who am I to stop this young gun’s enthusiasm so he called Superman. in cadence so
3 Burpees, 6 leg raises, called by light weight, 9 mountain climbers (Alpha count), 12 Supermen on Zuckerberg’s count.
Then we took a long lap to finish up,
Everyone did a great job and they never stopped pushing themselves, and we even got an added bonus of one of the most “interesting” Christmas songs you are likely to hear (Sex Santa by Steel Panthers) – I learned it is not a great idea to use a preexisting play list from spotify, without  actually listening to the full play list,  but hey Sir Mixalot seemed to enjoy the song, lol.

And after the math was done the total merkin/burpee count, for the beatdown was 283, so all the HIM doing the merkin madness challenge for December were set…. Your welcome.



Nameorama and count was done 7 total PAX

Suarez shared the Acceleration point and he stated the importance of taking time to reach out to friends and family and not take them for granted, every day we get to share with people is a gift.

Pray requests, for the people in Kentucky and elsewhere that are dealing with loss of property and family, and they start to clean up and rebuild after the tornadoes
For the PAX traveling
And for family members

Ended with Pray and Ball of Men

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Coffeteria was good, with everyone being thankful for a warmer, but slightly wet morning in the gloom.

Then Murdock had to leave and when lightweight and his crew went to head out, it was found that his driver side front tire was flat, so in true HIM form he took the moment to teach lifelock and Zuckerberg how to change a tire.  One of the men that work at the park stopped by and helped out as well, helping all of us learn a thing or 2 about tires.
Tire changed, mission accomplished and then it was time to start the day

We are less then a week away from Christmas and I am so thankful for the gift that the men of F3 are to me and to all that come in contact with them at F3 or throughout  the week, I pray they all have a great Holiday season.

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