Country Club Livin’

AO: Windjammer

When: 12/17/2021

QIC: MillerTime

PAX (8): Dipstick, False Start, Funyun, Ha-ha, lumbergh, MillerTime, Stu, uga


Windjammer channel caught my attention yesterday discussing late holiday start times which made me think of softness which made me think of country club livin’.  About that time False Start said they needed a Q.  It just made sense that YHC should come visit this paradise and help them remember a little bit about being uncomfortable.  Immediately after taking the Q, Cookie and Shirley both posted these wild excuses about flights north this morning??


Xmas music playing, we headed to the Lake perch for some stretches

The Thang:

On to the intersection of the sports park where we started partner static hold pairings.  “Hey, Where’s the Sports Park”  False Start responds “Right there where it says Sports Park on that big lighted sign”  First was Burpee’s / Air Chair, On to the sports park for BTTW / Canoe Hold, Back to the Perch for Squats and Plank.

Back to HaHa’s tank to gather girlfriends and head up the parking lot to a nice spot for a partner Dora

100 mercans
100 Skull Crushers
150 Shoulder Presses
200 Curls
200 Chest Press

We had to cut off the Chest presses to get our last 30 Mercans for the day to hit our challenge goal and time was up


Prayers for False Start Brother recovery and my 2.0 Flu

HaHa’s diabolical 21 sequence at Widowmaker on New Years Day.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

HaHa brought Coffee and there was additional discussion about fundraising to buy Cookie a new Coffee Maker.

False Start book recommendation – Extreme Ownership

A pleasure to lead at the Country Club

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