Rubicon Country Club

AO: Rubicon

When: 12/16/2021

QIC: Cart Path

PAX (10): Caffey, Cart Path, Cookie, DIY, False Start, lumbergh, McAfee, Special K, Stiff Arm, Simone


Caffey looked to be the only one on the driving range prior to the 5:30 tee time.

First time as YHC so disclaimer was said and corrected by course marshall.


Moseyed to flag in typical fashion with the typical assortment of Side Straddle hops, Weed pickers, hillbillies, and arm circles.

The Thang:

(note from marshall : cart path only today )

Front Nine 

Hole #1:  Par 4 at the “Tee boxes” in between the ball Fields

(10 Burpees and 30 dips then a quick mosey to hole #2)

Hole #2:  Par 5 at “The weird statue in circle”

(50 squats then quick mosey to #3)

Hole #3: Par 4 with a dogleg to the left at “Pavillion 3”

(40 mercans to a bear crawl out of the pavilion and up and to the left, then long fast mosey around ball field to #4 )

Hole #4: Par 3 at “Pavillion 2”

( 30 derkans on benches, then quick mosey to #5)

Hole #5: Par 5 had a few hazards including water and a sand trap at the “pool house”

(50 curls with a coupon from rock pile/ sand trap, then quick mosey  past the parking lot to #6)

Hole #6: Par 4 overlooking the flag at “pavillion 1”

(40 step ups on benches, then quick mosey to #7)

Hole #7: Par 3 over the creek at “the playground”

(15 pull ups and 15 donkey kicks, then quick mosey up the hill to #8)

Hole #8: Par 4 a bathroom break was needed before the back nine at “the outhouses”

(40 count balls to the wall, then quick mosey to #9)

Hole #9:  Par 5 needed to get up and down to finish the front off strong and no better place then on 9 overlooking the field of dream at “the hill”

(5 Sprints to the top and back, then to the turn at the Field of Dreams)


Back Nine

Holes 10-18 took place all within the field of dreams.

A PAX would throw a frisbee / The Hole, then another PAX would putt a ball and try to reach the hole. After the first stroke the group would then Bear Crawl to wherever the ball ended up then proceed to hit again. After the ball finally went into the hole / hit the frisbee, the one who drained the putt would chose the exercise and the reps of said exercise was determined by strokes x10 it took. (4 strokes = 40 reps) First to finish exercise had honors to throw frisbee/ hole across field. Rinsed and repeated until time was called.


A good time was had and no one lost any balls





Prayers for a couple of brothers at F3 Greensboro

As well as for things happening for F3 Louisville


Blood Drive coming up

Special K band is playing Sat at Truck & Tap

Naked-Man Moleskin:

No coffee this morning, But TNT was about fasting and I happen to be fasting from coffee.

Fasting is a great way to grow, some do it for nutrition, some do it to form better habits, some it’s a lifestyle.

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