What’s old is new again

AO: Gladiator

When: 12/09/2021

QIC: Tebow

PAX (14): Cheneral, defcon2, Fire Drill, Hitchcock, Ironhead, Laces, Motorboat, RaspberryPi, Scratch-Off, Spandex, Speedo, Tebow, TheBigShort, Brownie


Feeling lazy, I pulled out a BD from the past. This was previously enjoyed on 12/3/2019… good thing nobody seemed to remember.

4 pre-runners got after it and Dreamer had to jet pre-beatdown, awesome job showing up butass early just to run!

No FNG’s so a super complete disclaimer was given and we moseyed.


Burpee Ladder

10SSH, 2 burpees

10 hillbillies, 4 burpees

10 windmills, 6 burpees

(spandex suggested we now mosey, he was ignored)

10 Mountain Climbers, 8 burpees

10 weedpickers, 11 burpees (just for chaos sake)

We now moseyed as per Spandex’s’s’s earlier suggestion.

The Thang:

To the field for a cardio ladder suicide

18 yds – 10 Bonnie Blairs

midfield – 20SSH + 20 BB

18 yds far – 30 Monkey Humpers (this was way harder than expected), 20SSH, 10 BB

endline – 40 Big Bois, 30 MG, 20 SSH, 10 BB

Brownie and co picked up the six… aka YHC

To the hill for a merkin ladder

1 at the bottom, 2 at the top, 3 at the bottom, you get – went up to 12

To the street for a squat ladder.

5 squats at the start then increased reps by 5 up to The Pavilion, we kept looking back to make sure Brownie was still with us.

Into the pavilion for a dip/step up ladder/kind of 21s but not 21s

1 step up, 20 dips… 2 steps up, 18 dips, kind of guessed on the rep count from there.

Too much time left, we went out in the parking lot and did a burpee ladder until I was over it.

1 burpee, run across the parking lot, 2 burpees… I think most made it to 7, Brownie may have finished 3 or so.

Back to the flag for dying cockroaches and american hammers (Hitchcock’s extra loud cadence had us guessing when he was going to finish up)



Apparently there’s a Santa Ruck on Saturday… who knew? See link for deets. Make sure to request Speedo to pull you in a wagon https://f3alpha.com/santaruck/

YHC reminded the PAX to remember to be intentional when pursuing things that you want in live.

As hokie as it is, there’s a song that I’ve been listening to a lot lately, and I think that’s what got intentionality on my mind.  I suggest you take a listen if you have a few minutes.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks for letting me lead today gentlemen, it’s always a pleasure and an honor, you don’t know how much this group means to me and keeps me dragging my ass out of bed way too early in the morning. God bless you all!

Tebow Out

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