The Raid at North Park

AO: Norseman

When: 12/09/2021

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (16): Beaker, Birdie, Callahan, Dr. Rico, Ha-ha, Huckleberry, Ivy League, Nacho Libre, Pumba, Stu, Switch, TMI, TO, Untouchable, Walkie Talkie, Zohan


It is a special day at The Norseman! Zohan was on hand to award Stu his prise for winning the Shuffle challenge and The Norsemen rode Stu’s coat tails in for the AO win as well!

YHC was running on Dr. Rico time at the start. I was busy setting up the cones for this morning’s routine and got caught a little late. But Zohan got us going with a disclaimer and we were off.


After a mosey to the “big lot”, we circled up for

  • SSH
  • Weed Pickers

That is enough, we have work to do!


The Thang:

The Raid

The first running of The Raid which will hopfully turn into a regular event to gage fitness of the PAX. Norseman were famous for being seafaring and setting out to explore, sack, and pillage after which they would bring back thier plunder. So…

The PAX were instructed to partner up (ideally with someone of similar speed/fitness level).
Each team must stay together for entire workout.

Each team would lead “home” and proceed to 7 stations. At each station, each pax must complete 40 reps of the primary listed exercise. Partner 1 will choose how many of the 40 total reps he will complete. While doing these reps, Partner 2 will do the active recovery exercise listed. The active recovery exercise reps are not counted. Partners will work through each exercise until each pax has completed 40 reps of the primary exercise. (e.g. Partner 1 may choose to do 10 reps and then switch with Partner 2, doing 10 reps 4 times, or Partner 1 may choose to do 20 and switch, or knock out all 40 at once). When finished, Partner 1 & 2 will continue to the next station and follow this method of completion at Stations 1-6. At Station 7 both partners go together:

  • Station 1: 40 Triceps dips / Active recovery: Squats
  • Station 2: 40 Hand release Merkins / Active recovery: Lunges
  • Station 3: 40 Alternating Shoulder Taps Alpha Count / Active recovery: SSH
  • Station 4: 40 Gas Pumpers / Active recovery: Mountain climbers
  • Station 5: 40 Step Ups Alpha Count / Active recovery: Imperial Walker
  • Station 6: 40 Crunchie Frogs / Active recovery: Freddie Mercury
  • Station 7: Burpees: 10 each pax at same time

After completing Station 7, run back to home to the girlfriends lovingly awaiting you at the dock and unload your Plunder by completing the following:

Unload Plunder

  • Partner 1: Girlfriends
  • Bag squats x 8
  • Bent-over rows x 8
  • Skull Crushers x 8
  • Curls x 8
  • Overhead Press x 8  = 40 total reps

Partner 2: High plank while Partner 1 completes all exercises


After “unloading your plunder” start back over at station 1.

After everyone finished 1 lap and were somewhere into lap 2 time was called and we returned to the flag were we just had enough time for one set of LBCs.





Zohan was on hand to congratulate and award Stu his prize and to award The Norseman with a box of donuts! America runs on Dunkin!

Santa Ruck Saturday. The PAX really came through on the food and toys on Norseman collection day. Santa Ruck is Saturday.

Prayers for Dr. Rico’s sister-in-law Andrea as she recovers from delivery of an healthy boy.

Norseman Christmas guys night out at Bottom Bunk’s fire pit Monday night. See Norseman Slack channel for details.



Naked-Man Moleskin:

I am thankful for all of you men. Thank you for putting up with my crazy ideas! We are all a part of this thing together. We need each other to sharpen each other. Keep the momentum up for the end of 2021 and the start of 2022.

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