Waffle House

AO: Atlas

When: 12/07/2021

QIC: Foley

PAX (3): Foley, Meltdown, Rusty


Foley volunteered multiple co-Qs, and YHC was suckered in.

looked as though it might only be 2, but rusty came in right on time. Apparently rusty has never been to Waffle House. Almost let to an atlas waho run, which would have probably been a first. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be.


Moseyed around the church to warm up. Then did the following:

phelps 10x

weed pickers 10x

toy soldiers 10x

The Thang:

Foley had the 3 of us count off, and we alternated between who said “stop” as we carried the cinders. Pax alternated exercises around the building, manmakers, merkins, etc.

Once around building, pax did 20 thrusters, then cinder carry to end, 3 man makers and back. Five times. Then did 20 rows.

after some discussion on school sports politics and frozen fingers, a few Bonnie Blair’s and and big boys, we finished with some planking and American hammers.


Good time co-Qing with Foley this morning.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Lots of mumble chatter this morning which is always good.

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