Take it back to 2007

AO: Nirvana

When: 12/04/2021

QIC: Cookie

PAX (12): Cookie, Dosido, Groundhog, lumbergh, Mayhem, No-See-Um, Pass Interference, Special K, Sprocket, Stu, Turbine


The year was 2007.   The last time the UGA Bulldogs beat the mighty Crimson Tide of Alabama.  Let’s jump into our time machine to channel some of those 2007 vibes to see if it will help the Dawgs win in Atlanta today.


Mosey around parking lot doing various warmup moves.  Circle up for 26 SSH and 23 Imperial Walkers.  That so happened to be the score in 2007 when Matt Stafford and the Dawgs beat Bama in overtime.

Mosey to the lacrosse/band field doing a Catch Me If You Can routine.  Partner A drops and does 2 burpees while Partner B slow moseys ahead.

The Thang:

Cross the field for Hill 11’s.  The exercises were based on 2007 theme.  Most popular TV show was American Idol and most popular movie was Spiderman 3.  So Spiderman merkins at the bottom and American Hammers at the top.

Once complete, short mosey to the field for our next 2007 theme.  One of the most popular tech devices ever invented debuted in 2007 ….  the iPhone.  So to pay tribute, we did an Apple Turnover which consisted of Bear Crawls to the 25, turnover for Crab Walks to 50, turnover for Bear, then Crab, etc.

Indian Run back towards the flag location, stopping at the track for an acronym beatdown similar to BOMBS and BLIMPS… but this time it would be DAWGS.  Partner up, running half way around track, stopping for:

Derkins – 10
Alligator Merkins – 20
WWI situps – 30
Gas Pumper – 40
Squats – 50

Just enough time left for Jack Webbs to 10/40 and a few minutes for a taste of Bonnie Burps. Head back to the flag for 2 minutes of Mary.


Prayers, praise and best wishes for our brother Pass Interference who is moving this week.  He will be missed.  Santa Ruck next weekend Dec 11th.

Honored to lead.


ps.  I believe I missed 1 PAX.  Newer guy that I completely forgot his name.  My apologies.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

The mumblechatter on the Slack channel after the beatdown claimed we did 140 merkins which satisfied our 100 merkin challenge for the day.

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