There are no words

AO: Galaxy

When: 12/03/2021

QIC: Jorts

PAX (33): Abacus (Mark Green), aflac, Bieber, Blue, Catheter, Compost, DD (Jamie), Donor, Foley, Fondue Guy, Forrest, gmonkey, LiMu, Meltdown, Percy, Raider, Reggie, Rooster, Scar, Sell-out, Sour Mash, Sparky, Squeegee, Steamer, Sticks, Turbine, Tweaker, Virginia Slim, Waco, Wideright, Spike (Atlanta), hammy


There are no words for what wideright and his family are going through with the loss of their daughter, Kate Belle, but 33 pax from across metro Atlanta turned out to support him.  WR posted on Thursday that he was bringing breakfast on Friday at Galaxy, and YHC knew immediately that the community would turn out to support a rock in our community.


33 pax is a lot so we immediately nosied up to the upper parking lot to spread out in the largest circle Galaxy has ever seen.

AIC x 10

  • SSH
  • copperhead squats
  • bear hugs
  • lunges
  • don quixote

25 merkins

The Thang:

Mosey down to the main pavilion

rally up to give instructions on a Burpee Mile

3 laps around the park loop, each is ~1/3 of a mile, with 4 stops per lap. Start with 12 burpees at the first stop, reduce number of burpees by 1 at each stop, finishing back at the pavilion. Mary for the six.

mosey to the pine tree hammock.

Pax distribute out with all but 5 pax claiming a tree for Al Gore’s.  5 remaining pax will bear crawl out to each tag off to another pax.  Only rules after you’re tagged off to crab walk are that you can’t tag off the closest pax or a pax who has already tagged you off.  YHC set a timer and let it crawl.
approximately every 3 minutes disrupt the pax to stop where they are and do 25 single count merkins.

mosey back to the upper parking lot, and pair up and spread out along one side of the parking lot

  1. 100 combined merkins – 1 pax backpedals across parking lot and runs back while other does merkins
  2. 100 combined lunges – same run exchange

circle up and all pax do 25 more merkins to close out the beatdown


Words of support for wideright, and a heartfelt thank you from wideright to all the pax who came out in support

Blue with a thank you to the pax from The Wreck who not only turned out to support but also were instrumental in helping to establish Galaxy.

Moment of silence for Kate Belle Jones

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