Chilly Pyramid

AO: Academy

When: 11/30/2021

QIC: Devito

PAX (5): Caffey, Devito, Mayhem, MillerTime, Stroller


Chilly start to the day this morning.  Perfect weather to put some miles under foot to keep warm.


Kicked off with a run over into downtown Alpharetta to warm up the blood.

The Thang:

First stop of the morning was at the fountain at the intersection of Academy and Hwy 9.  All grabbed a bench for 20 dips and 20 single count set-ups.  Then 10 dips and 10 box jumps.  From there we moved on down Academy and into the park behind City Hall, gathering by the stage area for a Pyramid Dora.

50 Burpees
100 Jump Squats
200 Crunchy Frogs
300 Mercans
200 Freddy Mercury
100 Jump Squats
50 Burpees

While one partner worked, the other ran around the small loop.  We all agreed that little park area was built perfectly for a Dora … must be an F3 guy on the city planning committee ;).  With all complete, we ran down around the library and up to the front of City Hall.  Lunge walk up the short street leading to the turf field.  Then bear crawl across the turf field.  At the far side, everyone grabbed a bench again.  20 dips, 20 single count step-ups, 10 dips and 10 step-ups.  Add in 10 tempo dercans – 4 count up and 4 count down.  From there we ran over to the parking deck near Academy.  5 Alpha count Bonnie Blairs at each turn on the way up.  5 V-ups at each turn on the way down.  5 offset mercans on the way back up, switching arms.  5 squats each turn on the way down … oops, out of time.  Scrap the squats half way down and quickly run back to the flag to finish 1 minute late.  My bad.


  • Prayers for Caffey’s wife as she navigates a difficult time at work.
  • Reminder to start buying food and toys for Santa Ruck and to get registered.

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