Gate locked . . . Plan B

AO: Nirvana

When: 11/27/2021

QIC: Caffey

PAX (6): Caffey, Pass Interference, Special K, Sprocket, Thud, Spud (DR from Cleveland)


I have Q’d quite a few times over the last two weeks, so I decided to “borrow” a BD from my buddy Dosido! Made sure to get to the site 10 minutes early to set up cinders and low and behold the gate to the field, track, and bleachers (where I had planned my entire BD) was locked. Oh well, quickly switched to Plan B and made a move. Gave it the olde Caffey disclaimer and we were off.


Ran down to the Northwestern track and circled up for the warm-O-rama. We did the following:

  • SSH: 15
  • Weed pickers: 10
  • Imperial walkers: 10
  • Arm circles

The Thang:

Thang 1: Mercan Mile

I decided to start things off with a Mercan mile. Four total laps around the track, but stopping at the half way point and end of each lap to complete 20 Mercans. 80 total Mercans and 1 mile complete!

Thang 2: Hills and Reps to Music

My plan of having everything in an enclosed area failed, so we had to run all the way to my truck to grab the cinders I had recently confiscated from my FIL. Partner up and grab one cinder per group (sadly, no one grabbed my Nirvana themed neon yellowish green cinder) and mosey to the big hill on the backside of the school.

We have 10 songs and 10 exercises. One partner runs up the hill while the other reps out the exercise to the song. No need to count reps because we do the same exercise for the entire song and then switch to the next exercise. As we began, Sprocket made a comment about burpees at the top so I decided to throw in a burpee at the top of the hill. Below are the exercises we completed to the 10 totally random songs:

  1. Curls
  2. Overhead Press
  3. V Ups
  4. Curl and Press
  5. American Hammer
  6. Skull Crushers
  7. Lunges
  8. Dercans
  9. Leg Lifts
  10. Squats

We were running up against the hour at the end and made a dash back to the flag.


Prayers for those traveling and those having holidays with lost loved ones. Discussed the upcoming Santa Ruck and to begin gathering items.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

All 6, including one buddy DR from Cleveland Ohio, met for coffee following the BD. Those moments of sharing coffee after the BD remind me of just how important the fellowship component of F3 is. Super appreciative of all the men who joined me, and those who I have had the opportunity to meet over the past 6’ish months.

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