Cold Jugs and Three Socks

AO: Badapple

When: 11/29/2021

QIC: Speedo

PAX (9): Caffey, goat, MillerTime, Outhouse, Rusty, Snax, Speedo, Sprocket, Zima, Zima


39 degrees, feels like 34 made much more sense when YHC was placing cones on the darkest field in the world before the beat down.  Despite the chill, 8 other PAX posted (including 1 pre-runner and 3 JIT), the disclaimer was given and we were off.


Mosey in the parking lot then circle up for:

  • SSH x12
  • Imperial Walkers x12
  • Weed pickers x12
  • Michael Phelps OYO

The Thang:

Cross-country run to the dark field where we found some pre-placed cones and started 3-corners.  At the first cone, 24 BBSUs, run across the end line to cone #2 for 12 No Surrenders, then run diagonally (like you’re a hypotenuse) to cone #3 for 24 Stone Mountains (aka Carolina Dry Docks).  Rinse a repeat back at cone 2 then back to cone 1 then back to cone 2.  The third round started at cone 3 and ended at cone one.  Total of 72 BBSUs and Stone Mountains and 36 No Surrenders.

It was noted by a few PAX that some music would have been nice.  YHC agreed but couldn’t connect to the Bluetooth speaker from 12 miles away (in the trunk of my other car).  Next time I will not forget to bring it but I may have Zohan pick the music.  YHC also heard some mumble chatter about wearing a third sock but takes his workouts too seriously to explain that in any more detail.

Next, we started a few rounds of 7 of diamonds.  Four cones were placed loosely in a diamond pattern (some called it a parallelogram but 7 of parallelograms isn’t very catchy).  Starting at the first cone PAX performed 7 burpees at each cone, running between cones.  Round two was 14 4-count flutters.  Round three was 21 merkins and we reached the top of the ladder with 28 monkey humpers (overheard “I used to think these were pointless until I had to do a lot of them”).  We did 112 which YHC says is a lot.  Time didn’t allow us to work our way back down the ladder as YHC had one last surprise.

Mosey to park parking lot where the increasingly famous F3 water jugs had been dropped earlier in the morning.  PAX only needed a few tries to successfully count off 1-2-1-2.  After calculating the longest possible route back to the Q’s car, a member of each team grabbed two jugs each and headed out.  The rest of the team did 10 squats and 10 HR merkins then ran to catch their teammate and switched up.  The jugs are awkward for sure and, after a few dozen yards (or meters if you’re from F3Greenwood during IPC) they start to get a bit heavy.  I’m pretty sure each PAX got a chance to carry them at least twice, possibly more, while lots of squats and HR merkins were also completed.  Jugs are 50 lbs. each btw.

Back to the flag for a couple of rounds of mary before time was called.


The 2nd annual Santa Ruck is coming up on Dec 11.  Check Slack for details about registering (for donut, coffee, hot chocolate planning) and to know what kinds of donations are most needed (and what kinds are NOT needed at all) and start preparing your M or whoever does the shopping at your house that this is coming.

Prayers for healing and peace for Woody’s brother and family, for Wide Right who lost his daughter very recently, for those who are suffering from an illness (physical and/or mental), for those who are hurting and feel they have no one to turn to, and for all those prayer requests on our heart that God hears.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

It’s been a minute since YHC Q’d at Bad Apple and the warm welcome you guys provide is a big reason why I continue to come back.  Thanks for the hospitality, for the well-deserved grief about no music, for tagging me on Strava when I had a Garmin fail, and for playing along as we run through Roswell doing monkey humpers and hauling water jugs.

— Speedo out

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