Post-Thanksgiving BD

AO: The Wreck

When: 11/26/2021

QIC: aflac

PAX (4): Foley, Sprocket, Turbine


Absolutely zero chatter on Slack leading into Friday’s banker’s hours BD, so YHC had serious thoughts that he might be working out solo on a chilly post-Thanksgiving morning.  Nonetheless, the sight of Foley’s AT4 meant that something amounting to exercise might happen today.  I’d really like to know what went through his head when YHC arrived with no other cars in sight.  Thankfully Turbine & Sprocket posted at the last-minute, avoiding a weird discussion as to why Foley left and went home (Turbine made sure that he didn’t).  Actually, I don’t think he would have left if it was just 2 of us, but the awkwardness would have been palpable.


Slow mosey toward the playground for the following warm-ups:

  • SSH’s
  • Abe Vigoda’s
  • Hillbilly’s

The Thang:

To start things off, YHC called for a half-murph at the playground – 5 rounds of the following:

  • 10 Pull-Ups
  • 20 Merkins
  • 30 Squats

Picnic table shrugs for the six.

For round 2, Foley took the Q and led us to a path near the tennis courts and directed PAX to partner up.  Partner A would run up 2 flights of stairs to the upper parking lot and perform 10 Bonnie Blairs while Partner B would perform the following exercises (changing each round):

  • Big Boy Situps
  • Merkins
  • Shoulder Taps
  • Star Jumps

For round 3, Turbine led us back towards the playground to select a lifting coupon and directed us toward the bottom of the hill for some Partner Dora 1-2-3.  Instructions were given as follows – Partner A carries coupon to the top of the hill, performs 10 Merkins, and returns to the bottom with the coupon.  Partner B would work through the following exercises while waiting for Partner A.  All repetitions were cumulative:

  • 100 Overhead Press
  • 200 Curls
  • 300 Squats

YHC suspects that Foley might have done a grand-total of 50 reps the entire time as we discussed the finer points of his poor decisions and inability to keep count.

Last reps were finished with 2 minutes left on the clock.  Return coupon and head back to the flag.  No time for Mary today.


  • A lot to be thankful for this year, despite many adversities.
  • Santa Ruck on 12/11.  Details forthcoming on Slack.
  • Good conversation over coffee at CLC.

AFLAC out.

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