Windjammers….meet Cindy ;)

AO: Windjammer

When: 11/19/2021

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (8): Cookie, Funyun, lumbergh, Swiper, Townie, Walkie Talkie, Whiz



Weather conditions: 35 degrees, no wind and a clear sky showing just a skosh of that Lunar Eclipse still at 5:30 am.


YHC asked the pax to bring their Cindy’s along for this morning’s fun but evidently the Windjammer CC is a non-Cinder meeting place :). But that was okay as there were coupons to be had and lots of sweat/work would still get done.  Disclaimer given and off to work we went.


After moseying with coupons past the Windjammer’s mini-rock pile for a couple pax to grab their ‘token’ of choice, quick mosey around the parking lot to get the blood flowing….then the following exercises.

SSH, Mtn. Climbers, Shoulder Taps, Arm Circles, Covids.


The last bit of the warm-up got some moans going as we did the Al Gore and Squats to Roxanne!! 3 minutes, 10 seconds of goodness….LOL!

The Thang:

Time to get the Windjammers out of their comfort zone a little bit so some Coupon Work was incorporated when planning the BD.  Thank goodness some solid, 70’s & 80’s tunes, at least by Walkie Talkie’s standards, were on the mornings playlist!


Started with a set of 11’s with Cusak walk 30 yards in between…..Merkins/Monkey Humpers.


Then time for an escalator/stack with the following exercises – run in between each iteration:

5 Blockees

10 Curls

15 Lunges

20 Shoulder Presses

25 Goblet Squats


Time to deposit coupons/blocks back at the flag as we moseyed to the greatest AO view this side of the Mississippi…..Lake Windward. It was lit up by two glorious crepe mertles with intertwined Christmas lights.


One more set of 11’s with no movement in between…..Bobby Hurley’s/Bonnie Blairs (Alpha count).  After a couple sets underway, any kind of break in the action would have been welcomed. But nonetheless the pax grinded through it and finished up strong.


Back to flag for 90 seconds of Mary…LBC’s, Boxcutters & T-Bombs.




  • Milli Vanilli’s family with their loss of loved one.
  • Several pax traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Cookie’s niece and that they are able to help guide her to the right path.
  • A couple men also dealing with 2.0 issues and prayers for wisdom and guidance.


The pax indulged YHC and as Nameorama started each man would share 30 seconds or so, after stating Name/Age/Nickname, of what life is like currently.  Some men shared positive work advancements on the horizon while others are enduring some kid issues.  Bottom line, everyone took that Daily Red Pill this am and avoided the fartsack. And like Lumbergh said, it would have been easy to not show up the past two days but so glad he did!


Good coffee and TNT as well with Townie sharing how F3 has improved his fitness so much. He was leading the pack while out in Austin and on a group hike with co-workers.


Honored to lead in the gloom and great work by all.


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