Halo Circuit Training

AO: Halo

When: 11/17/2021

QIC: Fondue Guy

PAX (8): Abacus (Mark Green), Forest, So So Def, Sour Mash, Steamer, Waco, Wideright


This workout was planned for last Wednesday, but I got sick. Glad to have a chance to deliver it now that I am better.


Weed pickers

plank with calve stretching

Moroccan night club


Mosey to the Halo Pavilion near the fields

The Thang:

The PAX cycled through the following exercise stations while one PAX carried a football and ran a large loop around the parking lot.

  • Burpees
  • Dips
  • Step ups
  • Sand bag (45Lbs.) overhead lift
  • 30 Lbs plate chest press
  • LBC
  • 25 Lbs. Plate curl

Once a cycle was complete we performed the following team effort:

  1. 60 second plank (after 1st cycle)
  2. Team backwards run while lateraling the football and not tripping on various parking lot obstacles. (after second cycle)
  3. DNC 3rd cycle. (mosey back to flag for limited Merry)




Prayed for various people recovering from sickness, surgery and general health issues. Lifted up upcoming Thanksgiving family time and the stress that may bring.

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