The Beat Down that time forgot…/bb

AO: Grindstone

When: 11/15/2021

QIC: Swiper

PAX (8): Snowman, Hushpuppy, Crab Cake, Whiz, Schneider, Emeril, Mr. Hand, Swiper


YHC filled in some Q Sheets early in the year and happened to notice that Monday, 11/15 just happened to be the day following my return from the annual golf/guys weekend with college friends (2-year Covid Carryover, to top it off).  Ugghh – nonetheless, the Jester would not claim a victory!  Not on this day!  Broke free from the oh so warm grip of the fartsack and off we go…


Mosey south to the Big Parking Lot for Warm Ups, All IC:


Abe Vigodas

Good Mornings

Willie Mays Haze

The Thang:

Mosey to the basketball courts for some 4 corners, facing south the entire time and rotating between runs, side shuffles, nurs, and karaoke:

10 Wolverines

20 Star Jumps

30 Squats

40 Heels to Heaven

Rinse & Repeat backwards down the ladder.

Next up:  Suicides on the basketball court with partners

Partner A runs the 4-line suicide (hand touches on court lines required)

Partner B works on AMRAP: 10 Mercans, 15 Alabama Ass Kickers, 20 LBCs

Ok…so YHC looks at his watch expecting to see around 6:05 AM, but instead sees 05:45…Oh well, on to the next station.

Cross the parking lot to the stairs and long sidewalk up to the baseball fields.  Grab some coupons and start a Dora:

Partner A runs to light pole by the concession stand;

Partner B works on combined: 75 curls, 100 OHPs, and 125 Skull Crushers

Has to be 6:09 at least…nope…5:58 – you have to be kidding me.  OK, Mosey up towards the front of the park and down the trail with a stop at the Wall of Terror for some 40s:

10 Donkey Kicks, 30 Wall Taps



Strong effort by the PAX as those Donkey Kicks were making my legs feel about like my head did yesterday on the plane flight home.  Come on watch…help me out here…I’m begging you!  6:11…Whew!  Back to the flag for some round robin Mary.


  • Prayers for Schneider for his presentation this afternoon!  We know you crushed it brother
  • Prayers for Snowman traveling to Orlando
  • Prayers for all of the workers at the Inseam Dog Boarding facility this week

Naked-Man Moleskin:

  • Thanks and praise to F3 Alpha and all of you brothers who push and support me – in spending time with fraternity brothers this weekend, YHC heard of a quadruple bypass surgery and a double hip replacement for guys who graduated within a year of me.  Burpees are hard; recovering from open heart surgery is harder.  Certainly not saying that F3 prevents all illness and ailments, but I’ve not seen a better supplement out there than the DRP!  That being said, I’ll SYITG!

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