AO: Boneyard

When: 11/15/2021

QIC: Stroller

PAX (10): Boomer, DIY, DREAMER, Feathers, HotSauce, PuffDaddy, shiner, Speedo, Stroller, ThunderLips


First strenuous activity in 2+ weeks thanks to my newborn, who rose with me at 0415- but too cold today to bring him to the BD. Arrived feeling cold, rested, and super amped for this BDQ. Took a few minutes before the pre-run to set up the field for the BD.

Came back from the pre-run and found a crowd huddled together for warmth. No FNGs, so short disclaimer and we’re off.


Take the long way over to the little kid playground. Circle up and start with high knees, kept it going for a little bit even after everyone was in.

Surprise! 8 burpees to start. Followed by windmill x 10 in cadence. 8 more burpees. Mosey to warmup spot #2, near the concession stand. Copperhead squat x 15 in cadence, 8 burpees, toy soldier x 15. 8 more burpees. Mosey to the lacrosse field.

The Thang:

The field was carefully set up with 8 cones at the “corners” (in line with the lacrosse goals) and the midpoints on each side. Each cone had two sheets with 8 pull-tabs. Exercises were burpees, hand-release mercans, squats, plank jacks, LBCs, Freddy Mercurys, laps, and star jumps. 32 count for each tab, except for laps which was 2. Q gave permission to run one complete lap and then stop at the desired next station.

PAX were to run to a cone, pull a tab, and return to center to complete the exercise. PAX were also instructed that only the top sheet need to be completed, but many felt compelled to pull from both sheets. It was a bit hard to see what was written on the tabs, but I think we got the hang of it eventually. With time approaching there were only a few tabs left, so we went ahead and completed the remaining exercises to polish off both sheets.

Sets of 32 burpees were a hit.

Had about 7 minutes left, and YHC had to work in his customary exercises in a 1:4 ratio to round out this Q. Called for Captain Thorkins- a 1:2:4 ratio of BBSUs, Mercans, and Am Hammers. We got to round 8, and 32 American Hammers was a perfect stopping point for today. Mosey to the flag with no time remaining.


Praise for a healthy and happy newborn (and M) at home. Praise to be back with this group and for the blessing that F3 is to me

Prayers for Shiner’s daughter

Santa Ruck upcoming- December 11

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It bears repeating- what a gift to be back with this crew. This year was a tough one between the loss of my father, the birth of my son, and many other challenges along the way, but getting up for the workouts helps keep a sense of normalcy. Looking forward to what’s to come this year!

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