Rubicon at No Longer Bound

AO: 3rd F

When: 11/20/2021

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (10): Lefty, Sea Monkey, Spit Valve, TO, Zohan, Taebo, Bullet, Love Shack, Woodpecker,


It was Rubicon a month at NLB. A tough time when contending with Georgia-Tennessee and the holiday season. But pax stepped up big with donations and a few came out for the workout.


A few minutes off but the crowd gathers and we mosey across the street for WP, arm circles and IW

The Thang:

An escalator board of pain. Borrowed from a Pinkey BD with some modifications that felt like a Rubicon representation. Add the next exercise then do a lap and so on.

1 burpee (I only do multiple reps before the sun is up)

5 mercans

10 Hammers

15 Stone Mountains/Dry Dock/Pike

20 Lunge

25 LBC

30 SSH

35 Squats

40 Mountain Climbers

Love Shack of course breezed through but made sure Bullet wasn’t skipping counts and helped push him to the end. Great to witness.

Mosey back to the basketball court for a small game. Everyone shoots a free throw and calls an exercise. 10 reps if you make it. 20 if you miss.

YHC sets the pace by air balling into the next county. Love Shack who was warming up on the court earlier also earned us 20 more burpees.

A couple of made shots but mostly lots of reps.


Prayers for this group to support each other and for their families.

Plus dinner catered by Moe’s great conversations and getting to see the work they do at NLB including the new library.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Very cool to be a part and hope everyone jumps in on one in the new year even if it’s not Rubicon.

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