A new Padawan for Alpha North

AO: The Storm

When: 11/13/2021

QIC: Ace Ventura

PAX (13): 5-Way, Ace Ventura, Animal, Crab Cake, Deuce, Deuce, Dumpster, Hose Head, Hushpuppy, Schneider, Snowman, Stu, Valley Girl, FNG Grogu


YHC showed up just shy of 6:30 for pre-run.  Found that Crab Cake and Deuce had already been there for an hour doing their own pre-run.  Snowman and YHC got together with them to do a group run.  Dumpster came in, but due to some sinus issues decided to do stairs instead of running.

Not going to lie, YHC struggled on the pre-run, but in true F3 fashion Snowman kept coming back to pick up the six.   This is what F3 is all about.

Returned to meet up stop find a big turnout, including 3 faces that have not been to Storm in quite a while due to injury or illness.

The best part, Hushpuppy brought his 6 year old 2.0, FNG, Davis with him!  We began to suspect he might be our newest F3 Padawan, as he had a Star Wars shirt and Star Wars backpack on.  This becomes a key factor when we name him later.


PAX rucked to the top floor of the parking structure.   Warmup was conducted as the sun rose.

15 Side Straddle hops

10 high knees

8 Willie Mays Hays

10 Torso twists

10 Weed pickers


After warmup, Valley Girl gave a summary of the Q source discussions so far.  Then the rucking began as we dovetailed into discussion on this week’s topic, Shield Lock.

The Thang:

For an approximate hour, PAX rucked through the Greenway and back to the parking structure.

Todays topic was chapter 1.7 Shield Lock.  The reason humans are the apex predator of the world, even though physically speaking they have very little survival tools, is that they are able to work in teams effectively and specialize their talents.

The importance of Shield Lock is that man does not have to “hunt alone”.  We can survive by finding strength in our fellow men.  The final line of the chapter states “Pain is finite.  The more it is parceled, the easier it is to bear”.

YHC shared his experience in his current Shield Lock, and the dos/don’ts of the concept.  Dumpster was the only PAX that had attempted one, and shared his experience of why it did not work out during that effort, and potential remedies for his next effort.


During COT, there were specific prayers for YHCs mother as she prepares for surgery Monday, and for friends of Snowman (Randy and Michelle) as one of them has aggressive cancer.


Final part of COT went to naming FNG Davis.  We wanted to do a nice nickname, since making fun of a six  year old MAY have come off as a bit mean spirited.  After deliberation on his interests, YHC made the executive decision to name him Grogu (for the uninformed Star Wars watchers, you may call him by his unacceptable name, “baby Yoda”).  Crab Cake celebrated this young man’s eagerness to exercise with us this morning by giving him a GoRuck patch for his backpack!  The dad game is strong with Crab Cake.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

PAX gathered for coffee at LATH.  Snowman and Valley Girl supported our local shop by buying t-shirts.  There were some great fellowship discussions surrounding health choices, golf, and potentially partnering with local non-profit youth organizations (stay tuned as these may be developing into action).


Great work HIM of The Storm for a great start to the weekend!

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