There’s No Easy Way Out

AO: Badapple

When: 11/10/2021

QIC: Zima

PAX (5): Chalupa, goat, Outhouse, Turbine, Zima, Zima


If you’ve been to a BadApple BD before you know that music especially 90’s Grunge/ALT reins supreme. Movie references also are quite frequent. YHC is guilty of that on the regular so I thought it was fitting we have a movie soundtrack inspired BD. Rocky IV is that soundtrack.

Cinder/half cinder works best for this BD.


10 Weedpickers

10 Copperhead squats

10 Mtn Climbers

1 round of Circle Burp (each pax did high knees until pax yells down, then burpee)

Final warmup was to “Start Me Up” by The Rolling Stones. Pax assume plank position. When song starts begin plank jack when the lyrics “you make a grown my cry” are sung, all pax do a merkin. Rinse and repeat until end of song.

The Thang:

After warmup, pax take their cinder/coupon to the hill on the side of the school.

Pax line up facing the hill and perform a series of 5 exercises. (2 rounds) Each exercise begins at bottom of hill by carrying your cinder to the top and perform the exercise. Then carry back down to bottom and carry back to top to perform next exercise. Rinse & repeat until all 5 exercises are complete.

Round 1 Exercises: (rep count of 10)

  • Thrusters
  • blockee’s
  • swings
  • derkins
  • jump overs.

After round 1, pax mosey to field behind school for an escalator 4 corners. 10 @ Corner 1 /10, 20 @ Corner 2 etc.

  • Corner 1: 10 Smurf Jacks
  • Corner 2: 20 Bonnie Blair’s
  • Corner 3: Dry Docks/aka Stone Mtn/aka Pike Push-Up
  • Corner 4: LBC’s

After 4 corners, a quick round of Mary and then back to the hill for Round 2

Round 2 Exercises: (rep count of 20)

  • Lunge + chop
  • Bonnie Blair Jump Overs
  • Bow Ties
  • Deadlifts
  • Rows

Once exercises were complete, back to the Flag right at 6:15.


Prayers for:

  • Jenna and the Welch family as she begins her battle with Cancer.
  • Continued prayers for the Soler Family as Drew battles Cancer.


  • Praise to Goat for beginning his journey as chaplain and bringing the good word to the men & women of our armed forces. Also for his upcoming 50th bday overnight party at RAP next Thursday.


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