Tabata Workout

AO: Atlas

When: 11/02/2021

QIC: Ollie

PAX (4): aflac, Cricket, Ollie, Rusty


Apologies for the late backblast.


  • 10x Copperhead Squat
  • 10x Toy Soliders
  • Arm circles while we retrieved our cinderblocks

The Thang:

Tabata workout with 4 rounds of 10 exercises for one minute each.  Transition time and rest was built into the exercise minute.

  1. Skull crushers
  2. Rows
  3. Curls
  4. Squats
  5. Overhead press
  6. V Ups
  7. Freddy Mercurys
  8. Presses from the ground
  9. Box cutters
  10. LBCs


Prayers for those ill in the community.

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