Site Q transition…..and prison soap.

AO: The Storm

When: 11/06/2021

QIC: Valley Girl

PAX (10): Baskins, Crab Cake, Deuce, Hose Head, Inseam, Schneider, Snowman, Valley Girl, Whiz, FNG @Roxanne


YHC was looking forward to this morning as I had double duty of running the Q and also accepting the flag as the new Site Q.  Great times ahead!
As we gathered around the flag, @whiz shows up and proposes we take his 40lb sandbag with us in addition to the ruckpacks.  What the hell, let’s do it!  @Ace Ventura chimes in and asks if I ever heard of prison soap.  hmmm…do I quickly change the subject?  Pretend like I have never heard of such a thing?  Basically, if anyone drops the sandbag (prison soap) everyone does 10 burpees.  OK…let’s do it!!


Mosey up every level to the top floor of the garage.  I started with the soap, then handed to Inseam about halfway up.  Once at the top, he excitedly threw the soap on the ground.  So I guess we’ll start with 10 burpees for the Warm-o-Rama.
Continued with bat wings, WMH, copperhead squats, weed pickers and SSH,  all OYO so YHC could introduce the QSource subject for the morning.  1.6 Shorties – Maximizing the positive relationship with your kids to make them the best people they were created to be.  On to the greenway for some rucking.

The Thang:

We had some fun with the prison soap.  Hoping that’s the last time I ever say that.
After Inseam’s intentional drop, it became some kind of sick joke.

The plan was to stop and do exercises after a HIM shared something about being a parent.  Good discussion was had!   We stopped to do 15 kettlebell swings, and the FNG dropped the soap!  Haven’t you ever heard the saying?  So we did 10 burpees, then 15 KB swings.  More discussion, stopped for 30 squats – extra reps since Whiz now had the soap, and thats 70lbs on his shoulders.  At the turnaround, we stopped for 30 overhead presses, and Whiz threw down the soap with some aggression.  10 burpees.  Schneider carried the soap, I asked to take it over, he slams it on the ground.  Oh it’s real funny now. 10 burpees.
Back to the flag for some Mary.


Prayers out to Ace’s mom who has surgery this coming week.  Let’s keep pushing for Santa Ruck volunteers.  Took a while to find the name for the FNG, but it was worth the wait!  Welcome @ROXANNE!!!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Big thank you to Inseam for founding and building the Storm in the last few years.  I humbly take over the site Q duties and look forward to Saturday mornings and getting more sad clowns to the Halcyon.

Don’t drop the soap.

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