Arm Day

AO: Scratchoff

When: 11/04/2021

QIC: Shiner

PAX (11): Shiner, FNG(Redo), Stu, Moonshine, Cheneral, Firedrill, Bo Knows, Dreamer, Ironhead, Brownie, Groupon and Scratchhoff for prerun, FNG was my neighbor. Hopefully he will keep coming. I sent him slack invite. f3 name is "Redo"


Read the disclosure and mosey to get coupon for each hand.  Dreamer and Firedrill were showing off so I told them to run back and get more reasonable sized boulders.


with coupon in each hand:

side straddle hops.
Weed pickers(what do you call them) Tappy-taps
Arm rolls , moracan night clubs


The Thang:

All with Copouns at Pavillian near tennis courts

Started with some jabs with boulders.  sets of 20 and then switch a few times while keeping other hand near chin.

Revised BLIMP with high knees instead of running the suicides.  With coupons

Lung walk with arms straight out twice around until back to your spot

Slow jack web with coupons.

Superman with coupons

straight arm bench press from back

superman with coupons but put arms to the side

Jack web for da Tries.  1 coupon tricep lift and 4 dips with coupons in lap and then 2, 8 etc.

Football throws across COT.  Any drops and we all do 5 burpees.  Shoulda made it more burpees, these guys were pretty good at throw and catch.  Had to make them back up a bit to make it a little more challenging.



Cheneral preaching next Sunday.  Nov 14th I think.

Pray for newly elected officials

FNG was my neighbor who hung out to watch the Braves win it all the other night.  I invited him to join not expecting him to actually do it.  Impressive!  I’m hoping he keeps coming.  Since we had a table in the middle I had him stand on it and tell us about himself.  After a few interesting names called out we settled on “Redo”

Gave a little truth nugget on how the Devil has been pullin at me hard lately.  Best way for me to ignore sinful thoughts is to block the devil out with Jesus.  Any time margin give it to Jesus and not to all the other crap that weighs me down.  Recited Ephesians 6:13 for the PAX on the full armor of God and prayed us out and made sure to pray for us all to be the best fathers and husbands we can possibly be.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure and an honor.  Really like FNG f3 name “Redo”  Makes me think of how I could definitely use a redo with so much.  The great news is that Jesus has forgiven us and all we have to do is ask.  How awesome is that!!  Agree with God on what is right and wrong and try your best to not repeat mistakes, Believe Jesus is the son of God and ask him into your heart, and then do our best to follow Jesus example every day!!  We will never be perfect like him but we can try!!

Quote from Firedrill I stole this mornin: LIfe is a game of Chess.  You cannot undo the moves but you can make the next step better!

Quote from Andy Stanley I told the Pax: We do not drift in good directions, we must discipline and prioritize ourselves there!!



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