Astros Win / Candy Corn Hangover

AO: The Hooch

When: 11/01/2021

QIC: Ready-Mix (F3)

PAX (8): Boomer, Dinghy, Hollywood, Maguire, Meatball, Ready-Mix (F3), Saint2O, Stickers


Can hardly believe I was able to get myself out of bed after 4 hours of sleep on Saturday (Thank you Jorge Soler), followed by another late night Braves game 5 and Halloween.  But, 7 Pax + me braved the cold early morning gloom to get the week started right.


Warmed up with slow mosey over to the Bakery side lot and then worked through SSH, Copperhead Squats, Weedpickers and Imperial Walkers, before headed South towards the Church parking lots.

The Thang:

We setup a four-corners Thang with increasing reps per round:

Corner 1: Walk-out Merkins

Corner 2: V-UPs

Corner 3: Burpies

Corner 4: Pickle Pointers

Started with 1 rep for all four exercises, and increasing up to 10 all the way through.  Also worked in Bernie Sanders between the middle stations.

After completing this, we hurried back to the Flag with some slow mosey and finished with a 400m Sprint.


Lifted up Maguire’s cousin, hoping for good results from recent surgery/biopsy.  Also prayed for everyone’s relationship with their M, praying specficially for how we can lead by serving.  Lifted up those of us with teenagers, that this period of time would be one that God uses difficult circumstances and tough to manage emotions to grow us a parents and our teenagers into faithful adults.

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