Halloween Q SCARED with a bit of REDRUM and Mary too

AO: Starting Line

When: 10/30/2021

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (5): LifeLøck, Lightweight, Script Kiddie, Sirmixalot, Suarez


This preamble starts the night before the BD when I happened to run into Sirmixalot as we both got 3 cinder blocks in preparations for the events to come, after a bit of catching up and info about a F3 Atlanta AO called Hot Tin Roof  he posted at, it was time to part ways and get the fams some food and rest up for the events to come.
As a backstory to this BD, I have been prepping for this Halloween BD for awhile, my youngest does cheer and one of the cheers she does gave me a great idea for a Halloween BD with SCARED as a list of exercises, but more on that later.
After a good nights rest and some prep for the festivities to come it was time to bring out the cinder blocks and get ready for a pre-ruck with Sirmixalot Lightweight and lifelock, they were anxious to get started, well actually a bit tired and dragging but they got it done with a good pace and it was great to just chat as we rucked.
As 7AM got closer some of the PAX got a call of the natural variety that caused at least 2 PAX to run to the near by food lion to answer a call that could not be put on hold, Sirmixalot played  a patient game and just as SK stated a bit past 7 the restrooms where open, ok TMI but hey it is all part of the morning….I guess.

Enough of the preamble it is time to get to the Halloween fun


Moseyed to the normal warmup spot, not a huge fan of going to the same spot but today it served my purpose well

Copperhead Squats
Moroccan Night clubs

This got us warmed up and ready to go and by this point the all the PAX were back and ready to start the Thangs

The Thang:

This one had been in my head right after the World Burpee BD was done and I turned my focus to making the Halloween BD one that they had not seen before, that was answered by a cheer my youngest daughter learned and shared with me, they spell out S-C-A-R-E-D, so the gears started turning and this is what it turned out to be
S – SSHs (30)
C – Big Boy Crunches/Situps(30)
A – Around the worlds/Flap Jacks (20)
R- Reverse LBCs-with Cinder block (30)
E – Elf on the Shelf(10 each side) – those things kind of creep me out, and annoy me
D – Dying coachroach(30) – its a Halloween BD so got to add in these creepy crawlers
After that it was time to do a long run around the trail to end Thang1

This one was an idea that came from Stephen Kings -The Shining, and it was called R-E-D-R-U-M
And that spelled back words is M-U-R-D-E-R
Now that we have spelling out of the way let me setup the exercise that filled out the word
R – Raven Merkins (10) – this is my own evil creation and its a 3 merkin exercise (Wide merkin, Dianond merkin, Ranger merkin)
E- E2ks, Lightweight asked isn’t this just a Freddie Mecury which I responded, yes but Freddie starts with F not E so that is why the rename, modify as necessary right
D – Derkins – done using the cinder blocks(30)
R – Run the short lap of the trail
U – Upright Rows, using the cinder blocks(30)
M – Murder bunnies across the width of the driving loop of the park
And now we reverse it and spell M-U-R-D-E-R
M – Murder bunnies, in reverse, back to where we started
U – Upright Rows (30)
R – Rosalitas(30)
D- Derkins, with cinder blocks(30)
E – E2k/Freddie Mercuries
R – Reverse Lunges (30 Alpha count)
That ended Thangs but we had time for one more Thang
Soooo moseyed to the Steps to take on Everest


Since it was Halloween time, I shared a fear of heights and I could not think of a higher height than Everest so time to take on the fear of Everest, F3 style

Everest – At the base of the steps do 5 Merkins then Lunge up one step, perform 1 squat, lunge up with other leg, perform 1 squat, repeato to top, and at every landing do 5 merkins

Run back to the bottom and do 5 Burpees, then lunge up one step, change to calf raises and alternating legs till you reach the top with 5 burpees at each landing, thanks to lightweight for the burpee suggestion!

Ran back to the starting point and a bit  O’ time for Mary
WW2 situps from Sirmixalot
American Hammers were called by lifelock
Leg raises held 6″ above theground  till lightweight call it, 10 of those
Suarez called Merkins, on his count so high plank, then go to mid point, hold till he said down and then hold right above the ground till he said up.

At that time the Halloween beatdown was done,  and time for COT


Count and nameorama was done

SirMixalot took the acceleration point and shared some wisdom he learned during a week of sales training and I really enjoy having him and other PAX share wisdom and perspective that can help each of us get a bit better/wiser.

Prayers for our country and all the people dealing with sickness, and healing for both.

Ball of men

Now on to the Java/ coffeeteria

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Sirmixalot brought the Java jolt and we hung out and talked for a bit, then it was time to start the day.

Thanks for the chance to lead this BD, it was a fun Halloween Q that I really enjoyed doing, and great job to Suarez, SirMixalot, Lightweiegh and Lifelock for being there and taking on all the scary thangs that were thrown at you.  I  am a bit sore but, Saturdays are always better when they are started with a push to get better, in the form of a beatdown to push me physically, and Acceleration point to help push me in other areas, and great chatter during the pre-ruck and coffeeteria that helps me set the tone for the day, in the right way.



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