Village Burger

AO: 2nd F

When: 10/29/2021

QIC: Spandex

PAX (5): RaspberryPi, Scratch-Off, Shrinkage, Spandex, vertigo


Disclaimer, though Spandex was the Q for this gastrointestinal BD, he is not responsible for the content of this BB. That rests solely on Scratch-Off. Please don’t sue any of us though.

It had been a little bit since the crew had gathered at our beloved Village Burger, so the OG, the Barista, the one and only Spandex suggested we get it on the calendar.


Upon arrival, YHC sauntered in to VB expecting to be the first one in, but alas, I didn’t account for Shrinkage only having to walk 4 storefronts over. He was already in line. You’d think with a bunch of dudes ordering lunch at a place called Village Burger that this story would focus more on red meat. but no. One ordered just fries, two ordered chicken, one grizzly, manly-man of a PAX ordered a chili cheese dog, and one had a burger with a gluten free bun that was really more like a leaven free bun. Seriously. We’ve got a weird group.

Whatever happened to a normal cheeseburger?

FYIW, the chili dog was delicious. More like Village Chili Dog, am I right? Is this thing on?

The Thang:

Food delivered, gluten-free bun inspected, judged, and knocked on to prevent jinx, the PAX got down to the point. Catching up instead of catching our breath. Exercising our wit. Running our mouths. You know, fellowshiping. This guy gets it.

Topics of conversation included, but weren’t limited to:

  • World Series tickets and hotel parties
  • New jobs
  • More World Series
  • The Varsity
  • Sonic
  • Sonic and the Varsity
  • The Braves
  • Krystal and White Castle
  • Holcomb Bridge. Or is it Holcombe?
  • Guys…Braves?
  • Sonic roller skates
  • Moultrie roller rinks. Well, okay, roller rink, singular.
  • High power utility poles
  • Chickens? In Moultrie? Y’all, we really missed a Moultrie Poultry joke there, and I’m not happy about it.

And finally, the conversation went South. Literally. Likely due to a certain football game this weekend, we realized that one of the PAX had to be read in on the “Florida Man” game. For other uninitiated, Google “Florida Man [date]” and see what comes up. It’s awesome. Popular results include “Florida Man gets arrested for possession while wearing a shirt that says, ‘No seriously, I have drugs,'” and “Florida Man arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after throwing alligators through a Wendy’s drive-thru window.” Delightful.


No Circle of Trust, but there was discussion of what shape that a Florida Man drew on radar in his plane. Trust me when I say, it wasn’t a Circle.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

The last few weeks, I’ve been realizing that my life runs too fast. Thank you, Spandex, for getting this on the calendar. It was just what I needed. And for those who couldn’t make it today:

  1. We missed you
  2. Take a long lunch now and then. It’s worth it

PS, Braves?

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