Ghost Burpees and Devil’s Triangle

AO: The Wreck

When: 10/29/2021

QIC: Raider

PAX (10): aflac, Backside, Bear, Blue, Catheter, Foley, Matt Shields-Norm, MillerTime, Raider, Scratchoff


Q was a little worried about the weather forecast, but fortunately the rain held off for a nice, gloomy Halloween spooktacular!  This beatdown took a little more effort for prep time, so Q had to set the alarm earlier than normal.  In a last minute trip the night before to Party City the Q was able to snag some ghosts and goblins to set the mood for a scary BD.

As PAX moved to Playground for a warm-up, they were instructed that if they encountered a goblin they had to do 10 Burpees or risked being haunted for the rest of the BD. (We found 3 goblins by the end of the BD)


The PAX went through a series of exercises to spell out the work P*U*M*P*K*I*N

P= Plank Jacks

U= Up/Downs

M = Monkey Humpers

P = Peter Parkers

K = Knerkins

I = Imperial Walkers

N = No Surrenders

The Thang:


Lunge Walk/Skeleton Dog Exercises

Two skeleton dogs observed each end of the football field parking lot.  Each dog had a list of exercises for the PAX to perform, then PAX lunge walked across the parking to the other dog for another list.  Halloween-themed tunes played in the background.


31 Merkins

31 Stone Mountains

31 Diamonds


31 Big Boys

31 LBCs

31 American Hammers



Devil’s Triangle

Three ghosts were setup in a triangle with each ghost having a trick or treat bag.  PAX reached into the bag to choose a paper and perform the required excercise.  PAX then bear crawled to the next ghost to rinse-and-repeat.

Ghost 1: with coupon

31 Curls

31 Overhead Press

31 Skull Crushers

31 Chest Press

13 Bus Drivers

13 Straight Arm Raises

Ghost 2:

31 Monkey Humpers

31 Groiners

31 Jump Squats

13 T-bombs

31 Pickle Pounders

31 J-Los

Ghost 3:

31 American Hammers

31 Flutter Kicks

31 Crab Cakes

31 Hillbillies

31 Windmills

31 Crunch Frogs

To add an extra point of fun, the Q would call out Prank at which the PAX would run to the bathrooms and “Prank knock” the door and run back.


Miller Time announced the running event for No Longer Bound on Saturday 10/30

Prayers for safe kiddos this Halloween

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