Braves On Top

AO: Rubicon

When: 10/28/2021

QIC: Caffey

PAX (12): Caffey, Cookie, Devito, DIY, FannyPack, lum-Boo-rgh, MillerTime, No-See-Um, PitStop, Red Ryder, Special K, Trebek


Being an avid Braves fan since I was essentially in the womb, I had to celebrate the Braves in the World Series with something a little Braves’ themed. I gave the pre-warning on slack that PAX should wear some Braves gear and that there may or may not be a benefit for wearing said gear. I also curated a Braves/Atlanta/Baseball themed playlist for the PAX’s enjoyment.

The fear of cold rain may have caused some to fartsack, but we met MillerTime’s over/under of 12 PAX for the BD.  The goal for today was to keep moving and avoid getting cold in the rain.


We moseyed over to the flag near the baseball fields doing some high knees and butt kicks on the way there. After making it to the flag we went right in to the following warm up exercises:

  • SSH: 10
  • Weed Picker: 10
  • Toy Soldier: 10
  • Forward and backward arm circles

The Thang:

Thang 1:

Starting to get a little cold from the warm-o-Rama we quickly moved to Thang 1. I informed the PAX to partner up and that their decision to wear Braves gear impacted the number of reps. Those who wore Braves gear had to do 22 reps of each exercise (22 years since the Braves were last in the WS), and those who did not wear Braves gear had to do 26 reps of each exercise (26 years since the Braves last won the WS).

One partner was wall sitting while the other partner did the exercise and ran to the tree and back, and switch. 6 exercises total were as follows:

  • Mercans (22 or 26 depending on your apparel)
  • American hammers (22 or 26, and yes Alpha)
  • Dips (22 or 26)
  • Crunchy Frogs (22 or 26)
  • Shoulder Taps (22 or 26)
  • Leg lifts (22 or 26)

Kudos to No-See-Um on his wall sits who was crushing it and sitting lower than 90 degrees.

Thang 2: Field of Dreams

I had to use the field of dreams, so we quickly moseyed that way for Thang 2. We split into groups of 6, with one group going the correct way around the bases (first to home) and the other group going backwards around the bases (third to home). We had a method of traveling to the bases and exercises at each base. I was planning to do 22 or 26 depending on Braves gear, but Devito suggested that more reps means getting better so we all went to 26 reps. Below is the route around the bases:

  • Bear crawl to first (or third) and 26 burpees at the base
  • Crawl bear to second and 26 plank jacks at the base
  • Crab walk to third (or first) and 26 Bonnie Blairs at the base
  • Backwards crab walk to home and 26 copperhead squats at the base

We were moving fairly fast, so on to round 2:

  • Broad jump to first (or third) and 26 Freddie Mercury’s at the base
  • Lung walk to second and 26 Carolina Dry Docks at the base
  • Side squats leading with right leg to third (or first) and 26 buzz saws at the base
  • Side squats leave with left leg home and 26 monkey humpers at the base

Quick Indian run around the field for a cool down.

Thang 3: 22s

Luckily I was prepared with a third option if we got through the exercises fast. Instead of 11’s, I changed it to 22’s where you start with 21 of one exercise run up the hill and do 1 of the other exercise. Keep going until you flip flop and are doing 1 of the first exercise and 21 of the other. The two exercises were Mercans and Big Boys.

We ran short on time to finish this and made our way back to the flag. We had one minute left when we got back to the flag so we did some quick flutter kicks to finish it off.


No-See-Um’s wife has a surgery coming up that we prayed for and our family recently found out we are having a little boy in May. Announcements included the upcoming 5k/10k with No Longer Bound, the November mix up, and the December Santa run.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I started off the TNT today, quickly talking about the experience I had at the convergence with the NLB guys. It was super humbling to hear them talk about how much it meant that the F3 guys came and invested time in them. Encouraged everyone to take that time, reach out to someone, and maybe impact their life. A few guys shared stories of the impact they have seen on the NLB guys. All in all, I think the message is that you never know how much a kind comment, some time out of your day investing in someone else, or other act of selflessness may impact another person. Get out of your comfort zone and offer a few minutes of your time or just some kindness to someone who may be in need.

Until next time Rubicon.

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