Shoulder Smoulder

AO: Big Creek

When: 10/27/2021

QIC: Whiz

PAX (8): Baskins, Deuce, Inseam, Napalm, Schneider, Snowman, Swiper


It’s hard to believe it’s been 4 years since YHC nervously pulled into the Big Creek parking lot for my first down painment, not knowing 1) how much I was about to get my ass kicked and 2) how much my life would be changed for the better from that day on.  Today was the first truly brisk morning and perfect weather to set out on a solo pre-pre-run to finalize the plan (and playlist) for the spooktacular beatdown.  Swung back at 0500 to pick-up Snowman, Schneider, and Inseam and finish out the pre-run.


Grab the bodybag coupon and Inseam’s big ass speaker and head down to the usual WoR spot by the coupon pile.  Putz around with the BT speaker pairing to YHC’s phone for a minute (thanks Inseam).  SSH, good morning, Abe Vigoda, and IW all IC.

The Thang:

Thang 1:  13’s

Head to the top of the grass hill by the parking lot for some 13’s.  PAX were instructed to start with 12 werewolves at the bottom and 1 scarecrow jump at the top.  Flap-jack in typical 11’s-style fashion until finished.

Thang 2:  Rocky Horror Burpee Show

Grab a hefty coupon from the pile and partner up.  PAX 1 does rockees while PAX 2 frankensteins to the first no parking sign and boo boo bear crawls back.  Flapjack until 50 combined rockees.  Keep doing rockees until the 6 is in.

Thang 3:  Let the Body Hit the Floor (not the exicon version)

This was tricky to explain but PAX got the hang of it quickly after a minute.  Basically a reverse indian run/leap frog type thing where PAX line up behind each other and do AMRAP squats while waiting.  PAX in front does a burpee on a sand(body)bag and then heaves it over his back shoulder to the next PAX waiting behind.  Front PAX then runs to the back of the line and proceeds with AMRAP squats until his turn again.  We made it almost all the way back to the flag in this fashion.

Had to squeeze in a very quick round of bat wings at the flag for the occasion but only had time for forward sun gods before time.

Shoulders were thoroughly cooked at this point.  Mission accomplished.


YHC shared his F3 story and all the ways the program and especially the PAX have impacted my life for the better over the last 4 years.  I couldn’t imagine life without F3 and don’t want to.  Looking forward to many more years in the gloom.

Prayers for Snowman’s uncle Walter who is in poor health and may not have much more time on this Earth.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Truly a pleasure and a privilege to lead.


  • Halloween Movie Theme – John Carpenter
  • Feed My Frankenstein – Alice Cooper
  • Thriller – Michael Jackson
  • Time Warp – Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack
  • Shout at the Devil – Motley Crue
  • I’m Your Boogie Man (Sex on the Rocks Mix) – White Zombie
  • Werewolves of London – Warren Zevon
  • Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Jr.
  • Raining Blood – Slayer
  • Dragula – Rob Zombie
  • Bark at the Moon – Ozzy Osbourne

Happy Halloween!

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