Bear Crawl Relay and Capris

AO: The Wreck

When: 10/27/2021

QIC: Meltdown

PAX (6): aflac, Donor, Matt Shields-Norm, Meltdown, Raider, Switch, Switch


With game 1 of the World Series, YHC was prepared for a low count due to the late game, but 5 other hardcore pax arrived ready for action


Moseyed over to the parking lot for the following:

toy soldiers x15

hill Billy x15

weed picker x15

angle grinder x6 (note to self, never doing these again in WOR)

The Thang:

YHC had visions of a bear crawl mile, but with only 6 PAX thought a relay might be more appropriate.

started at the end of the parking lot, one pax bear crawling and the other running to the building and back. Once together again, pax would each do 5 pushups then flip spots.

after a down and back, switched to lunging down with squats in between. After another down and back, ran over to the wall.

performed 20 dips, 20 incline merkins, and 20 step ups each leg for 3 rounds, Mary for the 6.

ran over to the playground for some shrug work. While 1 partner shrugged a table, other pax would cusack over to the little hut (audibles from going up the sidewalk). Did this for 4 or 5 rounds.
then partner for curls while other partner would plank.
cut it short so we could Mary for 2 exercises.


NLB race on Saturday at Fowler park.

Prayers for all those recovering

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead, especially after a Braves win. -meltdown

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