With a name like Gitmo, it HAS to be good

AO: Rubicon

When: 10/26/2021

QIC: FannyPack

PAX (8): Caffey, FannyPack, Lefty, Lil Hurt, lum-Boo-rgh, Sleepless, Trebek, FNG - DIY


Thank you for posting with us today!  My name is FannyPack and I’ll be your Q on this crisp fall morning of 54 degrees and 20 mph wind gusts.

Our special today is blended-beatdown medley, consisting of 6 bite-size routines- both new and old.  We expect it will be a refreshing and well-rounded departure from our typical 1- or 2-course beatdowns.

Now, we had expected a party of 4 from the slack HC.  However- 8 PAX can certainly be accommodated & should be no issue at all.  Of course, PAX should HC whenever possible, but we certainly understand that some PAX insist on living in the real world.

Let’s begin with a brief mosey to the crappy parking lot by the ditch.


After a jog around the corner we circled up in the lower lot behind the playground.

  • SSH
  • Windmill
  • Weedpicker
  • Imperial Walker
  • Arm Circles- forward and reverse

Mosey to the playground…

The Thang:

Appetizer:  Morning Call & BTTW

All PAX begin in a row holding a full plank.  The first PAX runs to the monkey bars and performs 5 pull-ups, counting aloud.  The remaining PAX perform 5 mercans in time.  Second PAX… yada yada yada.

Before leaving the playground, all PAX get up close and personal with the bricks- Last Man Standing, Balls to the Wall.  As Pax fall, they hold a plank and wait.  Shout out to FNG DIY who held out until second place to YHC.

Mosey in the dark to the FOD; took the road less traveled and blazed a trail (unnecessarily).

On the FOD we performed the FOD.  Divide Pax into 4 groups, one on each base.  Perform the following until relieved:

  • 1st: Squats
  • 2nd: Mercans
  • 3rd: LBCs
  • Home: 15 burpees.  Guys at home run to 1st when completed.

Next up, Wham-O Lunge walks- that’s why I’ve been carrying a frisbee around this whole time.   One PAX throws, then all PAX sprint towards the frisbee like caffeinated Jack Russell terriers.  When the frisbee hits the ground, all PAX stop in place and lunge walk to the final resting spot.   Everybody took a turn throwing into the wind & hilarity ensued.  The Frisbee did not survive.

Captain Thor (aka “The Jack Webb of Abs”) is next- 1:4 ratio of BB sit ups & American Hammers, progressing to 2:8, etc.  We made it to 9:36 before returning to the flag with 3  remaining minutes on the clock.

Finally, in lieu of Mary, we did a round of Guantanamo.  Appropriately, LT Caffey noted, “With a name like Guantanamo…” All PAX on their backs, in circle with heels up.  Each PAX takes a turn running around the inside pushing shoes down while the rest of us try to hold them up the whole time.  Son, we live in a world that has walls, and either way, I don’t give a d&*% what you think you’re entitled to.






Great work by all.   Our FNG found us b/c his brother does F3 in Louisiana.  Welcome DIY!  Prayers for comfort mentally and physically for Caffey’s wife who is pregnant with number 3 & experiencing significant early- pregnancy discomfort.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

This was a fun one.  My preference typically is to get one big routine and get in a groove.  Mixing it up was a nice change from the norm and I really liked the results.  Always a pleasure to lead.

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