Foley Voorhees

AO: Atlas

When: 10/26/2021

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (8): aflac, Cricket, Foley, MillerTime, No-See-Um, Rusty, Switch, Zima



A little nippy this am as the pax started rolling in to Atlas.  Somewhere around the 50 degree mark but the wind was whipping…….just about then Miller Time came running around the backside of church just as he said he would be, donning a tank top and showing them guns.


8 pax gathered, heard the disclaimer and were ready to leave their mark on the pavement.


  • SSH x 10
  • Imperial Walkers x 10
  • Windmills x 10
  • Arm Circles
  • Covids


Then on to retrieve Cindy’s for the morning’s activities. This is when Foley would locate his Halloween costume for the week/weekend. He proceeded to wear it for (a black mask that we’ll call the Foley Voorhees mask) almost the entire workout….



The Thang:

Right out of the gate YHC planned a little 30 minutes of AMRAP action for the pax’s pleasure.
10 – Blockees (25 Flutters)
20 – Derkins (Cusak 40 yds-ish out & back)
30 – Goblet Squats (25 Flutters)
20 – Swings (Cusak 40 yds-ish out & back)
10 – Lunge Curls – Alpha Ct. (25 Flutters)
Next up some Slam Ball x5 in the middle while outside pax rotated the following exercises with their block:
-OH Presses
-Dead Lifts
-Big Boi’s
-Arm Raises
Lastly, in honor of the BRAVES making their first World Series appearance tonight in 22 years we did 20 of the following…..wait, I mean 22 of the following exercises (thanks MT and Foley 🙂 )
B  Bonnie Blairs
R  Randy’s
A  Amercian Hammers
V  V-Ups
E  Elf on the Shelf
S  Star Jacks


  • No Longer Bound race this Saturday, 7:30 am start at Fowler Park. 5K & 10K will be run I believe and F3 Alpha needs to support the NLB guys there as they’ve been training hard!


  • TAP’s for Zima’s M.


  • Prayers for YHC’s M as she’ll be having a torn meniscus repaired in the coming weeks.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

  • Honored to lead the men of Atlas this morning and YHC always leaves this AO exhausted.  Those who haven’t tried a 0.0/Core workout like is at the Atlas should check it out!


  • The men got after it today and very little mumble chatter during that first 30 minutes of the BOP. That is until Aflac couldn’t hold on to his Cindy and promptly crushed it into about 14 pieces.


  • And see there Cricket, that block you brought came in handy after all!!


Lastly, only three words left to say…..





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